The bullfighter Vicente Barrera will be vice president of the Valencian Government for Vox. The leader of the far-right party will hold the first Vice Presidency with the powers of the Ministry of Culture. The agreement reached between PP and Vox grants three seats in the regional Executive to the formation of Santiago Abascal to make the leader of the PP, Carlos Mazón, president of the Generalitat Valenciana. The formation will have, in addition to Culture, the portfolio of Agriculture and that of Justice, Interior and Governance.

PP and Vox agree to govern together in the Valencian Community


After the lightning agreement on Tuesday, with just five sentences —the axes of the government— the PP and Vox teams have been outlining a joint programmatic document that they have presented this Thursday. It consists of 50 measures for the legislature, which include the repeal of the historical memory law, eliminating the tourist tax and amending the policies on the Valencian language promoted by PSPV, Compromís and Unides Podem. There is no mention of sexist violence, but rather he cites his intention to pursue the eradication of “domestic violence”, especially that “suffered by women and children, guaranteeing equality among all victims” -after Vox had a convicted of mistreatment of his ex-wife as a candidate for the Generalitat–. Regarding education, it indicates that “parents will freely choose and, where appropriate, authorize the content of extracurricular activities.”

The negotiation took place on Tuesday expressly because it came with the path previously paved: the leader of Vox, Santiago Abascal, pointed out on Wednesday that he negotiated “personally, from the national leadership” the agreement with the Valencian PP. By virtue of the agreement, Vox undertakes to facilitate the investiture of Carlos Mazón in the first vote, whose deadlines must be decided by the table that the far-right party will preside over. The document indicates that they will agree on a government that “defends the interests of citizens and guarantees that the five basic lines agreed upon by both formations are met in order to preserve freedom, economic development, the protection of public health and social services, the defense of their own identity signs and the protection of families”.

future councils

The far-right formation will manage areas with jurisdiction in justice and interior, agriculture and culture. At first, he pointed to his preference for the Education portfolio, an issue that the PP wants to have short-tied. The leader of the popular Valencians, Carlos Mazón, has pointed out in various interviews that education and health are two fundamental areas for his party and that he already has the person to lead the first.

The far-right party has insisted on wanting a department for Families, but the PP indicates that there will not be an exclusive department for this matter. “It is not on the table”, Mazón pointed out in an interview on Onda Cero, which insists on one issue: “The important thing is not always to have a ministry as such”. The popular leader emphasizes that he wants an Executive with fewer portfolios, with a maximum of ten members -Presidency and nine ministries- and a reduction in leaders and advisers.

Measures to repeal

The president of the popular Valencians and future president of the Generalitat has been advancing these days some of his first measures, now incorporated into his agreement with the ultra-right. Mazón has indicated his desire to subsidize the inheritance tax as much as possible, close the linguistic rights office, reduce the weight of Valencian in calls for public employment –a linguistic policy opposed to that of Feijóo in Galicia– and eliminate the “advisors Linguistics” of the Ministry of Education.


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