In record time and after a few days of maximum tension. The left will attend the next general elections together. Sumar and Podemos will run together after those of Ione Belarra have reluctantly agreed to join the coalition of parties led by the second vice president of the Government, Yolanda Díaz, and in which Izquierda Unida, the communes of Ada Colau, Compromís and More Madrid, in addition to other formations such as Verdes Equo, the Aragonese Chunta, Batzarre, AraMés, Iniciativa del Pueblo Andaluz and Drago Canarias, the party of Alberto Rodríguez. Podemos has agreed to sign the pact despite denouncing a veto on the lists to the Minister of Equality, Irene Montero.

This will be the Sumar ballots with the face of Yolanda Díaz


The parties have signed the agreement for the unity of the entire left and the negotiating teams have already registered the future coalition with the Central Electoral Board, which will bear the word Sumar on its logo and an image with the face of Yolanda Díaz. The second vice president’s project reserves a dozen starting positions to place independent professionals and deputies who were on the Podemos lists in the last legislature.

“This is the broadest and most plural agreement reached in the entire democratic stage in Spain between progressive and green forces. The plurality of Sumar is the plurality of the country and we want to make it a sign of identity of this electoral coalition, which constitutes the main alternative for progressive citizens to regain hope,” Sumar said in a statement.

The agreement has come after a few weeks of critical and accelerated negotiations due to the electoral advance after the results of the regional and municipal elections on May 28. The talks started on Monday of last week and after a first contact, the dialogue precipitated in the middle of this week, when Sumar began to raise the presence of Montero on the lists as an obstacle to unity.

On Thursday, when the negotiations reached a peak of tension precisely because of this matter, Podemos decided to call a consultation with the bases to ask them if they delegated to the leadership the power to make a decision on the agreement. Time was running out and they found it difficult to carry out a subsequent ratification consultation. The result was announced this Friday: almost 93% voted in favor of endorsing the executive in making the decision. Belarra left a few hours later to advance that the signing of Podemos would be in the agreement, but they wanted to negotiate until the end to get around that “veto” that they claimed was being imposed on Irene Montero.

The final signing of the agreement has been delayed in recent hours precisely because of this stumbling block. In fact, sources from Podemos maintain that the coalition has registered without their agreement due to the “veto” of the Minister of Equality and before the “threat” that they say Sumar has imposed on them to “leave them out” at the last minute “as happened In Andalucia”. The lack of agreement with those of Belarra also led to a delay in the negotiations of the lists with the communes, which have finally included the Organization secretary, Lilith Verstrynge, in Barcelona.

Podemos will finally have fifteen places on the lists, eight of them could leave if the result is equivalent to the current group –35 seats, plus two from Más Madrid and one from Compromís–, but they could fall if the electoral result is worse: 1 for Navarra ; 1 for Gipuzkoa; 1 for Cadiz; 1 for Murcia; 5 for Madrid; 4 for Barcelona and 1 for Las Palmas, as well as one for Álava. It will be Ione Belarra who will be in Madrid’s position on the lists. In addition, the coordinator in Murcia, Javier Sánchez Serna, will go through that constituency; the Euskadi coordinator, Pilar Garrido, for Gipuzkoa; the former candidate for the Parliament of the Canary Islands, Noemí Santana, for Las Palmas; that of Andalusia, Martina Velarde, for Granada; and Roberto Uriarte for Álava.

Weight for Más Madrid in the capital, Compromís in Valencia, the comuns in Barcelona

The agreement leaves the leadership of the lists to each of the formations that have the most weight in each territory. For example, Más Madrid has achieved positions 3, 4, 7 and 10 on the list for Madrid being for training. The third will be for the Saharawi activist Tesh Sidi and the fourth for Íñigo Errejón. Number five there will be for Podemos and number nine for Izquierda Unida. Yolanda will be the head of the list for the constituency.

The coalition will be presented in Catalonia under the name Sumar – En Comú Podem and will also carry the face of Yolanda Díaz as its logo. The negotiation has been resolved when the parties have agreed that two people from Podemos be integrated into the Barcelona list, as number 4 and 8. The rest of the candidates will be decided by the municipalities, including the four heads of the list from the four provinces.

Compromís will have the head of the list for Valencia and the number two in the three constituencies of the Valencian Community. The coalition there will be called ‘Compromís-Sumar: Sumem per Guanyar’. The party led by Joan Baldovía also guarantees the autonomy of its deputies and the Valencian agenda (autonomous financing and demand for infrastructures and investments).

For its part, Izquierda Unida has achieved 1 for Córdoba and Málaga, 2 for Seville, 1 for Tarragona and 3 for Valencia. In this case, the safest positions, in case of repeating the results of 2019, would be the Andalusians.

The global agreement also shows that it will be the Aragonese Chunta that leads by Zaragoza or AraMés by the Balearic Islands.

“This agreement is the reflection of the effort and generosity of very diverse political forces and also constitutes the first step to build an exciting, feminist and winning project that always puts social and climate justice at the center, with the world of work inside”, Sumar defended after registering the agreement.


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