One of the largest occurred in London -England-, where almost 1,000,000 people took to the streets to express their support for the Palestinian people and demand a ceasefire. This was one of the mobilizations that had not been seen in England since 2003, when two million people mobilized against the war in Iraq.

In LeicesterEngland, also came out to express their support for the Palestinian people

In Glasgow, Scotland’s largest city, also came out in their thousands. Also in Edinburghthe capital:

In ParisFrance, marched again in solidarity with the Palestinian people despite the repressive offensive of the Macron government.

Belgium: Thousands and thousands filled the streets in Brussels

The city of Bilbaoa city in the autonomous community of the Basque Country, was also the scene of a large demonstration in solidarity with Gaza and against genocide.

The same thing happened in Barcelona:


Also in Cape Town -South Africa- a huge crowd came out to ask for a ceasefire, in support of Palestine.

In Asia, the cry to ignore the genocide in Palestine was also heard this Saturday. She fought (Indonesia) was from the international game.

Pakistan He dressed in Palestinian flags, also in support of that subjugated people.

In NYIn the United States, thousands of protesters carried out coordinated actions in different parts of the city. The day of action for Palestine continues the mass mobilizations in various parts of the United States and took place one day before the day of mobilization called in various countries around the world.

In insular America, Cuba It was part of the world’s party demanding a ceasefire and an end to Israel’s genocide against the Palestinian people.

In Argentina This Saturday afternoon an important mobilization took place.

Thus in all the main cities a single cry spread around the world: stop the genocide in Gaza, free Palestine.


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