The Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, has announced that the Council of Ministers next Tuesday will approve the mobilization of up to 50,000 Sareb homes for affordable rentals. During his speech at the closing of the Valencia Municipal Convention, Sánchez highlighted the agreement reached this week to carry out the first state housing law, but he assured that his Executive will go “one step further”: “The next Tuesday, in the Council of Ministers, we will approve the mobilization of 50,000 Sareb homes for rent at an affordable price for young people and families in our country”, he has advanced.

The Government closes an agreement with ERC and Bildu to approve the housing law


The president has described the promotion of the housing law as “a great milestone, it is a great achievement, but not for the progressive government, but for the people”, after referring to the “real problem” that access to housing represents for many families. living place. “Spain is the fourth country that families have to commit the most money and extra effort to be able to pay for their housing and it only has 3% of public housing compared to the 9% average in the European Union”, he lamented.

Pedro Sánchez has promised that his Government will lead Spain to reach levels of up to 20% of public housing. “I want it because that will guarantee that the average age of emancipation falls, and if we increase the supply with more public housing, what we will be doing is cushioning the price of housing, not as the PP says, which is that free housing must be built”, has said.

The leader of the socialists has accused those of Feijóo of turning “housing into a commodity, the same thing they did with healthcare.” And he has attacked “the neoliberal mantra of the right”: “Liberalizing land so that it can be built where it is needed is what fueled the real estate bubble. And that triggered speculation and corruption with that little envelope thing.”

Government plans

According to Executive sources, what the next Council of Ministers will approve is a Plan to mobilize up to 50,000 Sareb homes for affordable rentals, of which 21,000 will be made available to municipalities and autonomous communities. In addition, social rental will be promoted with the 14,000 already inhabited homes in that park and the construction of up to 15,000 public homes will be promoted on available Sareb land.

The president’s announcement during the Municipal Convention of Valencia comes barely 48 hours after the agreement between the Government and its parliamentary partners was consummated to advance the housing law in Congress. After a year and a half bogged down due to lack of consensus, the PSOE agreed with ERC and EH Bildu to establish a mandatory limit of 3% for rent increases in rental contracts in force during the year 2024 and the creation of a new alternative index to the CPI to avoid the inflationary spiral from 2025.

In addition, the focus is on the areas with skyrocketing prices, the stressed ones, where it is increasingly difficult to find affordable apartments for rent. The agreement presented in Congress by Esquerra and EH Bildu establishes that “rentals located in stressed market areas will be regulated and capped, whether they are owned by large holders or small owners, both for real estate contracts that are in the rent as for new contracts”.

“These ceilings will be established, depending on the type of contract and property, through the indexation to the previous income in force for small owners and through the application of the price containment index for large holders. These measures will effectively contain and reduce prices”, the two political forces assure. In summary, the apartments for rent in stressed areas that are owned by small owners will be linked to the previous rent; and those of large owners, at a rate that, again, has yet to be designed.


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