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The minister-candidate of Union for the Fatherland, Sergio Massawas this Friday in Rosariowhere he participated in a campaign event with the governor Omar Perotti and the Minister of Transport Diego Giuliano. There they announced measures related to the call “security”.

On the one hand, the start-up of the regional agency for the Financial Information Unit (FIU). On the other, the launch of the Automotive Alert System that integrates the cards GOES UP with the 911. The justification of the advertisements is the supposed objective of giving “more security” those who drive and those who travel in the public transportation region of.

Before Massa speak Perottiwho vindicated his provincial management saying that the Santa Fe Police “is another” compared to years ago. In turn, he praised the repressive advances of the Buenos Aires municipality of Tigre in the times when Massa he was mayor. And he asked her, since she is someone who knows a lot about the subject, to help him get the Pink House send more gendarmes, prefects and federal police to the region.

“Hopefully I can convince some members of his cabinet to strengthen the presence of federal forces as we need it in Rosario and the big rosary“, Told him Perotti a Massa in clear allusion to the Minister of Security Hannibal Fernandez.

Massa He would respond minutes later with a promise that, curiously, sounded like an order. Especially since he went directly to the head of gendarmeriepresent at the act in which the Minister of Security and cabinet partner of the candidate for Union for the Fatherland.

“He too Ministry of Economy has a responsibility when it comes to putting tools in the fight against insecurity and, furthermore, as an Argentine if I intend to direct the destinies of our country I have to get involved and commit myself personally with Rosarioso that the people of Rosario can definitely live without fear and safe”, said the Peronist candidate.

He presented as progress the implementation of the “911 Federal” for Rosarioa connection between the cards GOES UP and the Police through the cell phone of each passenger. That is to say, more social control on the working and poor population as a whole, which is the one that uses public transport. There it is difficult to find the members of the narco gangs. Much less to those who export the drug from the port.

With the announcement of the creation of a local branch of the FIU, Massa He assured that from now on it will be easier and more successful to persecute those who collect and launder the money from drug trafficking. More than one of those present heard laughter in her mind. “Sometimes we forget that there are gentlemen in coats and ties, who wear cufflinks, but who manage and hide the money from drug traffickers,” he said in one of his usual demagogic twists.

Immediately, as if not to enter winding terrain, Massa he responded to Perotti the request. “I know of the work and commitment of our gendarmerieI have known the commander for a long time and I know of his effort and vocation to make the company grow and give prestige gendarmerie throughout these years”, he expressed before the eyes of the uniformed hierarchs. And he added, looking at the commander, “I want to ask you for a boss, here, in front of the community of Rosariowho commits, that we saturate Rosario, that we fill Rosario with gendarmes so that the people of Rosario can recover their calm”.

The proposal of Massa Not only is it not new to him (badly despite those who now, in the face of the debacle of Kirchnerism, want to camouflage him as a progressive) but it is similar in many points to what he already did Patricia Bullrich when was government with Mauricio Macri and what you propose to do Javier Miley if he becomes president. Pure speech, while large illegal businesses are guaranteed of mafias made up of businessmen, police officers, judges, prosecutors and boss politicians.

And all this combined with a deepening of the repressive control of popular neighborhoodswhere the working masses are subject to criminalization, persecution, extortion, easy triggers and armed causes by those who hold the violent power of the State.

In this context of deep economic and social crisis, where millions are deprived of their right to subsistence, nothing good can come from security “recipes” such as those of Massa, Bullrich, mercy o Scharetti.


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