Christian Castillo, candidate for national deputy for the Left Front, was interviewed by Crónica TV about the jump in inflation after Massa’s devaluation. The need to fight for a strong left that faces the adjustment candidates.

  • Massa had agreed before the election a devaluation that is falling on the popular pocket, the income of workers, of retirees, who come in 6 years in a row of fall. And this has been a new blow, a new blow to the pocket and what is striking is that the CGT, the trade union centrals, are not calling to mobilize, to fight for the salary, for what is lost with the remarks that have come hand in hand with the devaluation and that have not stopped. When the dollar reached almost $800 he remarked and remarked. It’s now at $730 and they haven’t dropped prices by the equivalent. Anyone who goes to the supermarket sees that the prices had a skyrocketing rise and well, despite the announcements of price agreements that is not seen when one goes and buys. This is the direct result of the agreement that the Government has had with the IMF.
  • There is a policy of stigmatization of those who, in order to survive, are forced to collect a plan and it is hidden that almost all of them carry out activities as well. It is a conscious policy to divide those who have a precarious or formal job with the worker or worker who is collecting a plan. Obviously, the plan cannot be more than a temporary exit based on being able to get a genuine job, which is what everyone who receives the plans wants. Precisely one of the proposals that we have made from the left is reducing the working day to 6 hours to create one million new jobs, without affecting the salary. A central measure to be able to advance in the creation of genuine work, together with a public works plan focused on popular housing, which is one of the great deficiencies that a substantial part of the Argentine people have today.
  • Here are four candidates who are about to apply different political adjustment variants; Milei, Massa, Bullrich and Schiaretti and a single formula that poses opposition to any adjustment policy and submission to the IMF. All the rest is to continue kneeling to the Monetary Fund and that has led us to this critical situation for the working people.
  • If we are discussing the growth of Milei it is thanks to the hunger policies of the Frente de Todoswho favored the extreme right. I believe that no one on the left or progressive can support an adjustment candidate, a friend of businessmen, responsible for all the adjustment that they are applying with the IMF, like Massa. The only alternative to face the right is the left seriously, with an anti-capitalist program, defending the interests of the workers. Not a candidate who is adjusting to retirees and workers today. If not, it is always resigning ourselves. They had four years to make an alternative policy to submitting to the IMF and what did they do? Nothing, they knelt in front of the IMF. True, Macri brought it, but this government left it to the Fund and today we are paying the consequences of this policy.
  • There is work, but with very low wages and poor quality. If you compare the pre-pandemic with the present, the creation of jobs was generally with labor fraud, monotribute or mostly unregistered work. And with starvation wages. That is why we have high levels of poverty with relatively low unemployment. There has to be a shock of salary recovery, returning what the working class lost under the Macri and Alberto Fernández governments. I had just read about Larroque and it reminded me of when progressive Peronism called for Menem to vote. Massa is a neomenemist candidate who is going to adjust the people, who are adjusting it today and that is why the right is growing.
  • In this election, the population must be told that deputies are also being elected and that they see what happened with the rental law. Together for Change, with Milei’s quorum, they imposed a regressive modification thanks to the fact that there were deputies from the Frente de Todos who did not go, they were absent. They all turned against the tenants. And this is what already happened with Macri, when the Peronist deputies voted for Macri’s laws. So for what is coming, which are pro-adjustment candidacies of different types, More presence of the left is needed in Congress and a resounding vote for Myriam Bregman, Nicolás del Caño to say no to adjustment policies. If we continue with the adjustment politicians, they are going to continue adjusting us and they are going to lose their salary and retirement.
  • In order for the situation to improve from here on out, the working class has to mobilize, go out to fight in defense of wages, in defense of pensions, because the only thing that comes from above is permanent adjustment. Of that you have to be fully convinced. It is not a question of choosing between an adjusting government at the service of the IMF and the extreme right of Milei and Bullrich. This is not a ballotage, it is an election where everything is open and where you have to vote for the left to justly confront these salary adjustment policies.
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