PSOE and ERC already have a draft on the reform of the regulations of Congress to allow the use of Catalan, Galician and Basque in the Congress of Deputies, as El Periódico has advanced and has confirmed. The Republicans indicate that, despite the fact that a first text has been agreed, there are still fringes in the negotiation. Despite this, the intention is that the modification proposal be registered this week to allow, if approved, that the official languages ​​other than Spanish can be used from that moment on in plenary sessions, committees and the written record of parliamentary initiatives. .

The initial idea is that, in the case of parliamentary initiatives, the groups must register the texts accompanied by their version in Spanish. Initiatives in the co-official language will also be included in the Chamber’s Official Gazette.

The change in the Chamber’s language policy was announced by the president, Francina Armengol, after having negotiated the support of ERC and Junts for the composition of the Board. However, the will of the presidency is not, in the opinion of the Socialists, sufficient for the use of official languages ​​in their communities to have legal certainty. In this context, negotiations have been going on for weeks to reform the regulation, as happened in the Senate.

According to El Periódico, the agreed draft makes clear the freedom of parliamentarians to use Catalan, Galician and Basque in any parliamentary sphere. “The speaker may deliver his speech in any of the languages ​​that are official in any Autonomous Community in accordance with the Constitution and the corresponding Statute of Autonomy”, reads the wording of the proposal, which modifies article 70.2.

Sources from the environment of the president of the Chamber, Francina Armengol, have explained that these days she is holding ordinary conversations with all the parliamentary groups. This same Wednesday the deputies of Junts have been in Congress and have been able to meet with Armengol. The same sources cited by the ACN agency have assured that the issue of languages ​​”obviously, is a priority.”


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