The candidate for president of the Left was interviewed on Crónica TV, in the context of the housing crisis that Argentina is going through. “Neither accomplices, nor subjected” -Myriam Bregman raised- “We are not going to adapt to the fact that this is the only reality and the only future that can be promised to the kids and working families of this country.”

Myriam Bregmanthe candidate for president of the Left Front Unitywas interviewed on Crónica TV, in the context of the housing crisis that Argentina is going through, where thousands of families and young people cannot find affordable rent to live in, while other homeless families resort to the desperate measure of taking land to have a place to live. be with your children.

Below are some excerpts from the interview.

  • “There is an absolute disconnection of the political leadership with what is happening in the neighborhoods. They live on another planet. I noticed it the other day in the session of Congress where the rental law. More than 100 percent increase in rents in the last few months! No one can even renew. Sure, but most of them were worried about how they would look with the real estate cameras. What happens to the family? What happens to the kid or the girl who comes to study and has to rent?
  • “When the budgets are voted in Congress, everyone leaves their hand there. Housing is one of the items that is cut the most. There are political decisions, this does not happen by chance. This happens because it is decided all the time that a large part of the gross domestic product, that is, all the country’s income, go to favor the most concentrated sectors of the economy. The richest in this country who always get subsidies, benefits, do not pay taxes. Here the rich do not they pay absolutely nothing, they have thousands of maneuvers to evade, to flee… and that working families no longer have a place to live”.
  • This is the terrible reality that we are living: where even working you do not get out of poverty. And these people, when they go to buy milk for their children, pay taxes, they are paying VAT! And the rich do not pay anything… for their land, nor for their real estate, personal property has been reduced to a symbolic tax”.
  • “We, from the Left we say: neither accomplices nor subjected. We are not going to adapt to the fact that this is the only reality and the only future that they can promise the kids, the girls, the families of this country.”
  • Housing is a right, but completely violated. It is not guaranteed where people will live. Land is becoming more and more expensive, having your own land is impossible, buying a home is impossible and the answer is always the same: the bulldozer. We saw it in Guernica with the government of Axel kicillof who sent it Sergio Berni; we see it in the City of Buenos Aires with Horacio Rodriguez Larreta in Villa 31. But I don’t know where they think the family will live if there is no housing policy. Note that the official advertising of this government is that they built 100,000 homes… with a housing deficit of more than three and a half million, it seems like a joke.”
  • “The message is: you are not going to live anywhere. Less than slaves! What is happening is terrible! Besides, the political leadership lives in luxurious apartments of thousands of square meters, in coustries. Until Javier Milei, who spends his time speaking against caste, lives in country. Do you want someone who lives in a closed neighborhood to know how the majority lives? Do you think they know what mud is? In the town where I was born the streets are still made of mud, when it rains everything floods.”
  • “They don’t care about anything. If you listen to the economic programs of those politicians, they fight over who fits more. Sergio Massa says: I exceeded the goals of the Monetary Fund. They are taking you out of your pocket to pay the IMF, they are cutting retirees, they are cutting salaries. They let companies increase what they want… Javier Miley, which says: I am going to overcomply with the IMF. Which of all those gets you out of poverty? Which of all these proposals ends with the hunger that the children of this country suffer today? Where there are a million who already skip a meal a day. It is an absolute disconnection, they do not care about anything, they are all in the column to pay the IMF.
  • “When the left warned that this was going to happen, that it was going to directly affect the pocket of the families, with the tariffs, with the increase in light, in transportation… they said: the left is always against the Fund. Well , here we see what it means. But The most serious thing is that both Masa, Bullrcih and Javier Milei, suggest you follow that path. One puts dollarization on you, the other puts something else on you, but the path is that of the Fund. It is marked. That’s why We on the left say very clearly that we cannot continue to submit to the IMF. Neither accomplices nor subjugated, that has to be our motto, for all those who do not want this to be the alternative for our country.”

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