This Wednesday the national deputy and candidate for president of the Left Front Unity, Myriam Bregman, was interviewed to analyze the latest economic measures of the Government, considered by the Peronist management as “compensatory” for the strong devaluation applied after the defeat in the PASO of August 13. she was in the channel C5N.

Bregman analyzed in depth the latest measures of Sergio Massa, from the so-called “bonus” (on parity account) to the “benefits” for monotributistas and retirees. “Massa made electoral and not economic announcements,” he declared, contrasting the “campaign strategy” that motivates the measures and the real and concrete effect that these measures have on the pockets of the popular majorities.

Added to this are the announcements by mayors and governors, pro-government and opposition supporters, about the “impossibility” of paying the bonus. The measures, he said, are the “atrocious recognition of the failure of this covert government as an electoral measure that, on top of that, is more than insufficient, it is a mockery. The bonus is not enough for retirees to even pay for electricity.”

Faced with this situation, Bregman He stated that “all this could not happen without the complicity of the union leadership.” And he added that no one can say what that leadership did, starting with those of the CGT and the CTA, in all these years more than being complicit in the policies that led to six years of consecutive fall in wages. All this in a situation of general deterioration of the living conditions of the popular sectors.

He rejected as a measure that companies that do not pay the bonus are only imposed a fine. “How a fine? Companies have to recompose wages directly. You have to recover what was lost. Here comes the role of the union leadership. The workers cannot continue to lose here because companies gained a lot“he said in reference to the transfer of US$88 billion from the salaried sector to the business community in recent years. “You don’t have to discuss a bonus with these people,” he declared.

Rents was another of the topics analyzed by Bregman. He explained the thread in Deputies last week where Together for Change next to the bench Javier Miley they achieved a reform tailored to real estate speculators. He highlighted the deficiencies of the current Law, product of the policies of the Front of Allbut at the same time he exposed the right wing in its desire to dollarize rents.

The project dealt with was Together for Change, after the pro-government project failed by not obtaining a majority opinion due to the absence of thirteen deputies from Unión por la Patria. “They did not show up to show their faces when they had to go out to defend the tenants,” accused the deputy of the FAT. In turn, he expressed his surprise at the speed of the Senate (chaired by Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner) to face, barely voted in deputies, the other half sanction of the reform.

“There are many things that could be done and this government absolutely did not do it after the law came out. It did not worry about registering the contracts, it did not worry about putting an initial value and, with unleashed inflation, it left its hands free to carry out this campaign against the law”, detailed Bregman.

Then the presidential candidate was asked her position on what to do with the Leliq. “The Argentine financial system is a ball, here you have to start by discussing the Financial Institutions Lawone of the main conquests that the military dictatorship“, he sentenced. And he added that this legislation allows a few “the most exquisite business, in a country where you can speculate, enter, leave, squeeze a little and they give you zero withholdings.”

“For us we must create a single state bank, that concentrates national savings and that this savings is directed, for example, to a social housing plan. This type of speculation cannot continue,” he said. Bregmanhighlighting that the banks are guarantors of these businesses and of the complementary capital flight.

Then he remembered that two years ago the left had warned about the consequences of the agreement with the IMF that are being lived today. “They told us that it was ‘another Fund’, with other people who run it… well, we are in the same territory that the Monetary Fund“, he graphed on the organism instrumented as dominance mechanism by the imperialist powers.

“A Massa They ‘imposed’ a 22% devaluation on him because he got 20% of the votes, if he had gotten 40, how much did they ask of him?” he ironized.

And then he devoted some reflections to Javier Miley. “There are candidates who, really, sell colored mirrors like him, although now that he was getting closer to power he began to recoil”, he said in relation to the fact that mercy He is already saying that dollarization would take many years to come, that the Baucher school is for later, and other relativizations.

He considered the proposals of mercy“why there is really a very critical social situationfamilies do not make ends meet and all that they do to look good with the power factors is very detrimental to everyone’s life, especially for girls and boys, which is where this type of discourse comes in.”

mercy makes promises with an economic team we know well. It is the economic team of the second Menem government, which led the country to a disaster. That the boys and girls ask their parents and grandparents what the privatizations were, what happened in Argentina when those ideas that today appear as novel were carried out”, he declared.

And he ended by saying that “to mercy a huge marketing team surrounds him, selling a character, but in reality what he is saying is that he is going to govern for the most concentrated power in Argentina“.


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