This Saturday there is a new mobilization with thousands of protesters to repudiate the genocide carried out by the state of Israel in the Gaza Strip.

The London police deployed a strong operation to harass a new and massive march in solidarity with Palestine. As part of the police intimidation, more than 1,500 troops were deployed and made a dozen arbitrary arrests, falsely arguing alleged “anti-Semitism” and “incitement to racial hatred” by the protesters.

The mobilization began in central London around noon this Saturday and a large influx of protesters was seen. The main demand is to establish an urgent Ceasefire that stops the massacres that the Israeli army has been carrying out.

The most recent of these massacres was the bombing of a refugee camp in the city of Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip, where the Army killed more than 60 civilians.

It is believed that this could have been the beginning of a military offensive on the city that today is the last refuge for the hundreds of thousands of Palestinians displaced by the constant Israeli bombings that have occurred for more than 130 days.

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This same Saturday, the Israeli military authorities announced a mass arrest at the Naser hospital, in the city of Khan Yunis, also in the south of the Strip. Some 100 people were arrested arbitrarily accused of “terrorist activity”, demonstrating once again that the objective of the state of Israel is to subjugate and terrorize the civilian population.

The United Kingdom is one of the countries where the most massive protests against the genocide being perpetrated by the state of Israel have been taking place, within the framework of a broad international mobilization that in different countries has repudiated the military offensive and its war crimes. .

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It is necessary to redouble the mobilization to prevent the Zionist government of Benjamin Netanyahu from achieving its objective of ethnic cleansing in the Palestinian territory.

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