Hello, I am Carol Álvarez, deputy director of EL PERIÓDICO and head of content for Más Periódico and with a special look at culture and life trends.

The editorial proposal ‘Without equality there is no future’, born on Women’s Day, wants to extend the spirit of March 8 throughout the year with different initiatives, among them, this newsletter, Con Letra de Mujer.

The most important news in the fight for equality will share space with reflections and other proposals that I think will interest you, which are part of our concerns.

There will be a tribute to one of the many women who have been made invisible throughout history, also proposals for leisure and culture where women occupy a place that represents us, or that, precisely because they do not do so, deserves that we think about it and We fight it.

I would also like it to be a participatory newsletter, where you can share your opinions about my proposals, or you can raise future debates, I leave you my email, [email protected].

Every Saturday in the newsletter ‘Con letra de mujer’ I will present these contents, and to receive it you only need to register for free at the newspaper.com and activate the newsletter.

I hope to see you!




Source: www.elperiodico.com

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