Interviewed by Gustavo Sylvestre on C5N, the National Deputy for the Left Front spoke about the opening of ordinary sessions that will take place this Friday in Congress and referred to the importance of mobilization to not miss the adjustment that is being carried out. .

The former candidate for President for the Left Front expanded on the Minuto Uno program about the brutal adjustment that Javier Milei’s Government has been carrying out for the benefit of big businessmen and the International Monetary Fund, which corroborates that it is a true “cuddly kitten.” “of economic power.

In this framework, before the opening of legislative sessions Myriam called to fill the streets of Congress in front of the show that Milei is preparing to give, after the defeat in the Omnibus Law. The neighborhood assemblies from different areas of the Federal Capital and Greater Buenos Aires will converge there.

In part of his speech, Bregman stated that “we must not let his economic plan pass” and stated that if the strength of the different sectors that have been fighting separately were to come together, the situation would be very different.

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