The Cardano (ADA) network is experiencing strong growth. The popular altcoin project sees 5,500 new addresses being created every day, according to a message from Adaverse on social media platform X.

The growth on the network is a positive signal for investors and raises hopes for further price increases in the rest of the year.

Growing adoption and technological advancements of Cardano

On-chain data from Cardano shows that the network is growing rapidly, with 5,500 new users added every day. If this growth continues, it means that approximately 165,000 new wallets will be added every month, which will amount to almost 2 million new users per year. This large increase in users, all of whom may want to use ADA coins, indicates strong adoption of the platform.

Experts emphasize how important it is that more and more people use the network, as this increases the demand for ADA, which can lead to a higher price. With the advent of smart contracts and more and more new features, it is clear that more people will use Cardano. This not only shows Cardano’s technological advancements, but also that users and investors have confidence in the value of ADA for the future.

Comparison between Cardano and Ethereum

Cardano, by comparison, is significantly smaller than Ethereum (ETH), the largest altcoin network, when considering the number of addresses. To give an idea: Ethereum has no fewer than 259 million unique accounts on its blockchain, while Cardano has approximately 5 million addresses.

This means that the Ethereum network is still more than 50 times larger than Cardano’s. However, if Cardano continues its current growth trend, it has the potential to attract millions of new users every year and capture a significantly larger share of the market.

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