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It is not necessary to know numbers and statistics to realize that the social crisis advances. Walking the street is enough. However, the statistics are And they serve to measure the catastrophic consequences of the adjustment policies applied by the Government of Front of Allfor deciding to follow the path set by the International Monetary Fund (IMF)at any cost.

He Observatory of the Argentine Social Debt of the UCA prepared a report called “Return to the path of deprivation that marks Argentine childhood” in which they analyze the social situation (through the analysis of different variables) on “social debts and social inequalities in the period 2010-2022”. The dimensions analyzed are: food; subsistence; health; habitat; upbringing and socialization; information; education; and child labor.

Although, “many indicators returned in their level of incidence to values ​​prior to the pandemic. However, these improvements compared to 2020-2021, do not imply in most cases relevant progress compared to the previous stage. Indeed, the incidence of resource deprivation experienced by children and adolescents (NNandA) continue to be very high and maintain very significant gaps in social inequality”, state the authors of the document.

We share here some of the main dataThe full report can be read here:

  • levels of food deprivation affect a third of the population of children and adolescents in the second half of 2022. What equals 4.2 million.
  • 59.9% of the population of children and adolescents receive food aid direct and indirect through various channels: school and community canteens, as well as the Cup of Milk, Alimentar Card.
  • Monetary poverty in the population of NNyA rises in the second half of 2022 to 61,5%, and within this population it is estimated that 13.1% are homeless. And 19.4% experience serious deprivation of rights.
  • Child labor in intensive domestic activities and in the market after the pandemic recovered its prevalence and affects almost 15% of the population between the ages of 5 and 17 (6.9% in domestic work and 9.2% in economic work).

    Brutal inequality, capitalist irrationality

    The broken dishes of the crisis are not paid by all. In this system, there is always a group that manages to “take advantage” of the crises to get a cut and bring water to its own mill, as is popularly said. This is the case of large food companies. Let’s see how three of them fared (Arcor, Molinos Río de la Plata and Ledesma), according to the latest balance sheets presented to the National Securities Commission.

  • Arcor won $11,622 million in the first quarter of this year.
  • Rio de la Plata mills won $2,901 million in the first three months of this year.
  • ledesma won $ 6,211 million between June 2022 and February of this year.

    between the three in just a few months they obtained 20,000 million profits, while more than 4 million girls, boys and adolescents go hungry.

    Behind these millionaire profits are: on the one hand, the brutal price hikes in the basic things to live, including food and drink, and on the other, the abysmal deterioration of wagesretirement assets and income from social plans. 2022 was the fifth consecutive year of a decline in the purchasing power of wages.

    “I can’t shrink anything anymore, I no longer live I survive. Sometimes I don’t eat at night so my children can eat”This is how Dairio, a precarious worker (of those that abound in Argentina today) told La Izquierda what the daily life of a working family is like today.

    The government of Front of All no it alone did not reverse any of the problems it “inherited” from the poor management of macrismobut it worsened them and subordinated the country to a greater submission to the IMF that has its consequences: 18 million poor people.

    Given this panorama, it is urgent and necessary an immediate emergency increase in wages, pensions and social plans. However, it is not on the agenda of the union addresses that they have let the adjustment get here and are accomplices then.

    This coming Thursday there will be a day of united struggle of different social organizations that make up the Picket Unit (UP) and the Union of Workers of the Popular Economy (UTEP). From the Movement of Classist Groups (MAC) and the PTS we join this action because the unity and coordination of the workers is necessary. We must all fight together against hunger and adjustment and impose an active general strike on the CGT and CTA.

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