Liberated by justice, right-wing monarchist extremists paid homage to Joan of Arc in Paris

French justice this Saturday released an event by the far-right group Action Française in Paris, after the country’s police had banned it on Friday by order of the Ministry of the Interior.

The group was also authorized to pay tribute this Sunday to Joan of Arc, a symbol of the liberation of foreigners for the extreme right.

The court’s decision is a response to action by the Action Française group, which claimed to be the victim of an attack by the state on freedom of expression.

The ban also applied to several far-right demonstrations across the country, which remained banned. Groups of military and yellow vests would participate in them.

The bans took place amid the controversy provoked in the country after the same police had authorized a neo-Nazi march in the French capital on the 6th.

Neo-Nazis paid homage to Sébastien Deyzieu, a far-right militant who died of a fall in the 1990s while trying to escape the police.

After the release of justice, the colloquium organized by French Action could take place this Saturday. The country’s justice ordered that the monarchist association be compensated 1,500 euros for the police ban.

According to a report in the newspaper Le Monde, one of the reasons given by the Ministry of the Interior for banning the colloquium “La France en danger” (France in danger, in Portuguese) was the call by “radical left” parties to demonstrations of “opposition violent” to the far-right meeting.

The opposition initiative came from the parties Europa Ecologia os Verdes (left), França Insubsmissa (radical left), ATTAC (left NGO) and the CGT, one of the main trade union centrals.

According to Le Monde, the Ministry of the Interior said that the topics addressed at the colloquium would be likely to “generate statements of a nature to challenge the principles enshrined in the Declaration of Human Rights and republican tradition, but also incite hatred and discrimination ”.

The “danger” to which the event alludes is, on the one hand, immigration and, on the other, the “submission” of France to the States in the Ukrainian war, as stated by independent journalist Anne-Laure Bonnel, who was invited to the event. , accused of spreading fake news on the internet.

She became particularly well known in this context for intervening on the TV channel CNews, part of the media conglomerate of tycoon Vincent Bolloré, aligned with the extreme right.

On CNews, Anne-Laure had stated that she had proof that Ukraine bombed the Donbass region, in the east of the country, causing 13,000 deaths.

Another personality invited to the event was Jean Messiha, former president of the National Union and ally since last year of Eric Zemmour, then extreme right candidate for the presidency of the country.

Zemmour is identified as one of the supporters of the far-right and neo-Azifascist demonstrations that have proliferated in recent months.

Action Française parade in the nation’s capital this morning


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