Roberto Montovani and Minister Alexandre de Moraes. Photo: reproduction

Three Bolsonaristas attacked the President of the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) and Minister of the Federal Supreme Court (STF), Alexandre de Moraes (STF), this Friday (14), at Rome’s international airport.

are identified like Roberto Mantovani Filho, who allegedly physically attacked the magistrate’s sonAlex Zanatta and a woman named Andreia.

The woman cursed Moraes as a “bandit, communist and bought”.

The minister was with his family at the airport in the Italian capital.

He was returning from a lecture he gave at the University of Siena, where he participated in the 9th Edition of “Summer School: Democracy and Development”.

Moraes and the attackers returned to Brazil on different flights.

The Federal Police have already identified the aggressors, who disembarked this Saturday morning in Guarulhos. They will answer freely for crimes against honor and threat.

They constitute, according to the law, illegal acts with serious consequences, including:

Criminal prosecution: Physical aggression against a minister of the STF is considered a crime in Brazil. It can be classified as bodily injury or even attempted murder.

In this case, the perpetrator is subject to being investigated and, if found guilty, criminally prosecuted.

In the civil field, Mantovani, Zanatta and Andreia will also face consequences. The minister is entitled to compensation for moral and material damages caused by the aggression.

In addition to civil and criminal liability, it is good to remember that the aggression against a STF minister in a public place, such as an airport, means something extremely negative for the reputation and image of the aggressors.

Negative exposure in the media and social networks will certainly have an impact on everyone’s personal and professional life.

So far, of the three, only Mantovani’s figure has been revealed. About Alex Zanatta, there is the suspicion of being a real estate entrepreneur living in the same region of Mantovani, even married to a woman with the same last name as the aggressor partner.

Andreia has also not been identified so far, remembering that the procedure follows in secret by the authorities.

The three attackers must pay for the crimes they committed. Respecting the rule of law and seeking to resolve disputes or conflicts peacefully and within legal limits is the minimum that is expected of “any good citizen”.

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