The struggle of the subway workers for their health continues. Let’s remember that this new stage of struggle has already passed 100 days, which requires removing asbestos from the subway but also reducing the working day: 5 days and 2 francs.

That is why they spread the decision of the plenary session of delegates last week. There they decided to carry out a new day of actions and measures of force with the following schedule: between 9 and 10 am. release of turnstiles at stations San Pedrito Line A, Juan M. de Rosas Line B, Constitución Line C, Congreso de Túcuman Line D, Pza. de los Virreyes Line E and Faculty of Law Line H. From 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. hs. total stoppage of the 6 lines and the Premetro”.

In the information disseminated by their referents, they assure that “we continue to demand the comprehensive de-animalization of the network, the change of contaminated fleets, medical surveillance for all workers and the reduction of the weekly working day.”

The Emova company responds to the campaign with hundreds of discounted days for the workers, twenty delegates or managers who have been filed for impeachment proceedings to dismiss them and this week’s news: four workers with a 25-day suspension each for alleged grievances against the company’s HR personnel and a dismissed fellow base officer. Although in the latter case the motives are not actions in the conflict, It is clear that it is a leap from the attacks of the company that has as its framework the tough fight that is taking place.

Claudio Dellecarbonara denounced “the contempt shown by both the service concessionaire (Emova) and the City Government for the health and lives of the thousands of workers and the millions of subway users who are exposed to the carcinogenic asbestos every day.” in the whole network. We also denounce that they continue to refuse to respond to the health crisis caused by this harmful mineral, banned since 2003 and yet they have not withdrawn it from the Bs. As underground.”

Also raised in the last plenary the proposal to call a large meeting of all those who support the conflict, especially the unions of the CTA, to propose actions to accompany the next measures to fight the subwaywith the demand that the trade union central put into actions, the support that it claims to give with words.

The conflict has lasted several weeks and measures of force. The workers have managed to establish their demands, but have not overcome the rejection of Emova and the City government. The Bordó group has been putting forward proposals to strengthen the conflict. Among them, holding assemblies to encourage the participation of all colleagues, holding open solidarity meetings to join other solidarity sectors, as well as the demand of a couple to the CTA and the rest of the centrals. This weekend Pablo Peralta, a worker on Line H and a member of the Executive Secretariat of the AGTSyP, explained it.


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