Traveling to work can become a “luxury”. $270 for the trip on Bondi. $430 if you do not have the “nominalized” SUBE (registered with someone’s name and ID). $130 for the train and $420 for the flat rate. If you live in Moreno and travel from your house to the station, then train and bus in Once, you will spend between 700 and 1200 pesos one way. Add the turn.

That is the price that seems “fair” to Javier Milei and his Ministry of Transportation.

In that case, you would lose at least 40 thousand pesos in transportation per month. For average salaries of 150 thousand pesos, it is more than 25%. A week of work to pay for your trip to work. A looting in the middle of a crisis that has millions calculating every penny to make ends meet.

Resolution 1/2024 of the Ministry of Transportation was published today in the official gazette. There he raises a call to a very particular “public hearing”: It will only be by email and will be non-binding. A farce.

The other farce is the recitals of the mileist proposal. It says that the objective of transportation policy is “the reasonableness of fares and the redistribution of income in favor of the sectors of the population that are in a situation of greater vulnerability.”

The Annex to the resolution states that the new rates will come into effect on February 1 and invites the City of Buenos Aires and the municipalities to join the new scheme.

The fare table could be summarized in the following data: to travel up to three kilometers it will go from the current $77 to $270. If you travel three to six kilometers (the most common trip) it will increase from $86 to $300.78. If you do not have the SUBE nominalized, it is doubled. Here is the complete table:

On the FFCC the minimum ticket will go to $130 for section 1 (up to 12 kilometers), and for section 2 it will reach $169. Here the complete scheme:

The rationalization policy is actually looting. It seeks to guarantee the profits of transport companies and cut all types of subsidies or benefits to passengers. This “savings” on the part of the State does not go to any redistribution to the most vulnerable sectors. In reality it is a “redistribution” of the workers’ salary to the employers and the capitalist State. A new transfer of income from the people to the caste.

The hearing is a farce. We must reject the high rates in the streets, uniting workers and users. It has to become one of the flags of the strike and mobilization of the 24th. Particularly from the transport unions, who made the controversial decision to operate normally that day, until 7 p.m. The high tariff reinforces the proposal of the left: transportation has to stop and only work to guarantee mobilization. But we must also impose free ticket that day, the opening of turnstiles and a massive agitation in each unit and formation with the slogan “Down with the tariffs”. It has to be the first step to turning around this theft, that in the meantime we must disobey as the Chilean youth did and in the ’90s in Argentina.

Against the policy of the UTA pipelines and other unions that let the people pay high rates, we must unite between workers and users.


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