Milei gave explicit orders to Santiago Caputo and Guillermo Francos to take charge of the negotiations for the Omnibus Law. The last hours of this Thursday passed between frenetic meetings and a parade of deputies through Martín Menem’s office, president of the Lower House. The objective? Agree on the drafting of a project that brings together the wishes that the ruling party needs for its approval.

An unscrupulous thread with their backs to Congress, with legislators who, while calling themselves opponents exchange modifications for votes to approve a brutal attack on the people. Images that describe perfectly How caste works to legislate based on the interests of the richest and most powerful in the country.

According to what they say in the halls of Congress, the thread arises from the articles that Milei would have agreed to negotiate with sectors of the PRO, the UCR and the Federal Coalition. That is why on Thursday afternoon Menem, Caputo and Francos approached positions with their possible allies. First they met with Cristian Ritondo and María Eugenia Vidal, representatives of the PRO in the Lower House. Then it was the turn of the radical Rodrigo de Loredo. Later, the parade of “opoficialist” deputies followed and Miguel Ángel Pichetto, Ricardo López Murphy, Emilio Monzó, Nicolás Massot and Florencio Randazzo were seen.

From radicalism they assured that the meeting had been “positive.” The rumors that emerged speak of changes in retirement mobility and withholdings from regional economies, two of the main points pointed out by the members of the groups that have been negotiating with La Libertad Avanza.

“I am sure that We are heading so that next week he will have a half sanction the law that we are debating,” Ritondo said in statements after the meeting. In addition to the aforementioned changes, it emerged that other modifications would have to do with the exclusion of YPF from the list of state companies to be privatized, removing the electoral reform from the law and eliminate article 654 that ratifies the mega DNU signed by the president.

The intention of the ruling party in this negotiation is to gather the necessary votes to obtain a favorable opinion as quickly as possible and then achieve the approval of the law. The intention is to reach the ruling “before Wednesday’s strike.”

While the public statements of the officials want to give the image of a “tough” government that intimidates the workers so that they do not join the measure and that minimizes the impact that Wednesday’s session will have, the intensification of the negotiations and the thread they demonstrate something else. In the ruling party there is a rush to ensure that the protest does not complicate the puzzle of alliances that they have been weaving. In a context where the Government has only 38 of its own deputies, it needs the favor of another 91 legislators to obtain the approval of this project and consummate the attack that it is preparing against the vast majority of the population. A forceful measure, with the paralysis of the country and a massive mobilization in front of Congress, could pressure and make more than one person doubt.

The ruling party is preparing to unify an opinion with the PRO, the UCR and the sector headed by Pichetto. With their backs turned and in secret, they negotiated throughout the week and now recognize that over the weekend they will work on the final wording of each article. They are thus preparing to achieve the medium sanction and thus reform key aspects in one fell swoop, in an unprecedented attack. More than ever, a response is necessary, that unifies all the sectors affected by this anti-popular project and that only favors the caste of businessmen who are the true owners of the country and the officials who govern for their interests. A measure that is the beginning to stop Milei’s attack and prepare for a counteroffensive in which we can fight to recover what was lost and have those at the top pay for the crisis.


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