Palestinians sift through rubble at the Greek Orthodox church site, following Israeli airstrikes on Gaza City, 10/19/23 [Abed Khaled/AP]

The criminal acts of the State of Israel continue, after having received the explicit support of US President Joe Biden.

Many families (approximately 200 people) were taking refuge in the Saint Porphyry church in the Zaytoun neighborhood of Gaza, which in previous Israeli bombings served as a safe building for those fleeing the bombs, Christian and Muslim Gazans. But this time one of the bombs dropped by the criminal fury of the State of Israel fell on one of the four Church buildings, causing the roof to collapse and leaving dozens of people trapped under concrete slabs. The result was 18 Palestinians killed and many injured.

One of the survivors declared to various media that “200 children, women, the elderly and the sick were taking refuge in the church when Israeli warplanes attacked the building. We thought that the church would protect us, but unfortunately the brutal Israeli occupation does not differentiate us. They have attacked churches, mosques and hospitals. No “There is a safe place.”

Another testimony, from a survivor of this bombing, told Al Jazeera: “A lady is waiting for her three children to be pulled out of the rubble. It’s something you can’t really imagine, you can’t really explain.”

A Gazan Christian, he had also sought refuge in the church after Israel’s attack began on October 7, thinking it was a safe place. He remained there despite Israel’s order for Gaza City residents to move to the south, where the bombing has continued anyway. “We didn’t flee last night because we were afraid they would catch us on the road.”

The Gaza Health Ministry reported that There are now 4,137 Palestinians killed by the State of Israel’s bombings and 13,260 injured.

Israel is carrying out collective punishment in the Gaza Strip (while intensifying repression, including torture in the West Bank). As Fadi, another survivor of Thursday’s attack on the church, declared: “no one is safe in Gaza, regardless of their religion.”

Added to this are the attacks on more than 115 health centers, hospitals, ambulances and pharmacies throughout the territory of the Gaza Strip. The bombing of the Al Ahli hospital in the Strip caused shock, where 500 people died. Although the Israeli State denied responsibility for that bombing, first it wanted to show a video of rocket launches from Hammas, which it later removed from its official social networks, then it released a recording where voices in Arabic are heard wondering if The explosion was their (Palestinian Islamic Jihad) work. Unverifiable.

European imperialism and the United States continue with their defense of the genocidal State. Since the first days of the week that is ending, it had been agreed to open the Rafah crossing – from Egypt – to allow humanitarian aid to pass through (food, medicine, drinking water. Everything that the inhabitants of the Gaza Strip are lacking due to the blockade exercised by Israel). This has not yet happened, now both the Egyptian president, Abdelfatah El-Sisi, and Netanyahu said that This Saturday they will proceed to open the pass.

But since last week, what has been growing around the world are the mobilizations in support of the Palestinian people. This is how marches were seen in France (it is expected that this coming Sunday it will be repeated and will be larger, despite the Macron government’s prohibition on demonstrating in solidarity with the Palestinians), the Spanish State (in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​students from several faculties put on standing committees to support the Palestinian people), Italy, Netherlands. Also in Arab countries, thousands took to the streets demanding that the bombing of the Gaza Strip stop. The same in the United States and in several cities in Latin America.

Strengthening mobilizations both in Europe and in other regions of the world is the way in which we can stop this criminal machinery of the colonial State of Israel against the Palestinian people.

*With information from Al Jazeera and news agencies


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