Gerardo Morales believed that by voting to ban the protests, the marches would end. But the people of Jujuy are answering him in the streets, with roadblocks, massive mobilizations and strikes. This Friday he continues to take to the streets, as he has been doing for several days.

There are thousands and thousands who repudiate express approval, between radicals and peronistsof the Constitutional Reform. They did it behind the backs of the workers, during the night and early morning, almost hidden. They were afraid of the mobilized people.

But this Friday the day of protest is massive. Unions, social organizations, human rights, indigenous peoples, secondary and tertiary students, together with the left They move strongly. Two huge columns arrived in San Salvador. From the north, from the Quebrada, the original communities arrived, with their flags, their songs and their strength. Thousands and thousands are joining the streets of the capital of Jujuy.

“We come to make the reform fall. This reform is unconstitutional. If Morales has to go, let him go,” they said into the microphone of The Left Dailythe only national media that has been showing what is happening in Jujuy for weeks.

Thousands and thousands of protesters march in from the south. They integrate the social movements and the organizations of independent unemployed. The CCC also marches in this column. They show the anger that has been growing against Morales and his Peronist partners.

From the cut in the Route, on the bridge to San Pedro, a woman said: “They take away all the rights that we have achieved with all those who have come before us, they have fought to win them and we had those rights. Now, this dictator, this emperor that we have in the province once again, submerges the people of Jujuy as he pleases. San Pedreños do not forget that Miss Gisel Bravo has been part of this disastrous news. It is a shame that our rights trample on us, so we are not going to leave, we are going to stay in San Salvador and we are going to fight because they have to learn that the strength of the people does not give in, they are not going to bring us to our knees”. At the end, she was applauded.

The strength of the streets is not only in San Salvador. In Ledesma, a huge mobilization walks along National Route 34 shouting: “Morales, rubbish, you are the dictatorship.”

La Quiaca brings its own. National Route 9 is blocked there. The songs mix with the flags that flutter in the wind. The north of the country stands up to say NO to the reform of Morales and Peronism.

He Front of Left Unity is in the streets. How could it be otherwise. As it is from the first day. From there, Natalia Morales, elected legislator and conventional constituent, speaks with C5N: “Jujuy is being a laboratory for the response of workers, teachers and other popular sectors”, recounts. Next to her, marching together with thousands and thousands, is Alejandro Vilca, a national deputy for the same political space.

After noon, the important mobilization converges in the center of the city, in front of the Government House, which is militarized, with a huge police operation. there it is taking place an event organized by the CGT, the CTA and some of the social organizations that are related to Peronism and the national government, such as UTEP.

Combative sectors and the left are present at the event. He PTS-Left Front has insisted on the need to call for an effective general strike throughout the province, until the reform falls. The strength to do it is there. The anger too. At the same time, it is necessary to move towards a stronger coordination of those who have been fighting, promoting a Meeting or Plenary of workers and workers and all sectors in struggle.

The Reform is widely rejected by the population. On Thursday night, Radicals and Peronists began the closing session almost in secret. They carried out an express procedure, seeking to approve the regulation as quickly as possible. Thus, hidden from the population, at night – early morning, they approved first, the partial reform in general and then, they continued with the vote in particular throughout the early morning.

Strong police operation to instill fear
Strong police operation to instill fear

Morales returned to threatsNow he says that he is going to penalize the teachers who had the posters painted and the students. It is a true provocation that seeks to instill fear against a huge strike, which is sustained despite the threats. At this moment they are cutting the routes and other columns of employed and unemployed workers, reaching their destination.



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