“Gender violence does not exist, sexist violence does not exist.” These are the words of the Vox deputy for Valencia and possible president of the Valencian Corts José María Llanos. Deputy spokesman in the last legislature and provincial president until last February, the doctor of law and political science insists on the denial of violence against women as a structural fact. Speaking to Televisión Española this Friday, during the collection of his minutes as a parliamentarian, he insisted: “We are going to put an end to those gender tests that officials and workers in some companies are being forced to take.”

Vox signed a government agreement in the Valencian Community with the PP on Thursday with 50 points in which no mention is made of gender violence or sexist violence. Regarding violence against women, only one section is included, which includes it in “domestic violence”. The document speaks of promoting “policies that will seek to eradicate domestic violence, especially that suffered by women and children, guaranteeing equality among all victims.” The PP and Vox pact for Carlos Mazón to govern the Generalitat Valenciana implies that the far-right party, whose head of the Congress list is convicted of psychological violence against his ex-wife, has the presidency of the autonomous Parliament.

A couple of hours after the issuance of his statements, Llanos has amended his comment in a message on Twitter. “I would like to rectify and condemn all types of violence against women, including sexist violence, what I deny is the existence of gender violence,” she has written. The Vox deputy is in the pools to preside over Parliament or have responsibilities in the Justice portfolio, which corresponds to the far-right formation according to the agreement signed. In the absence of knowing the organization chart in detail, taking into account the current composition of the Executive, Justice would have the powers to protect victims of sexist violence.

After 3:00 p.m., the national leadership of the PP has cascaded out to affirm its commitment against sexist violence and to discredit the comments of the Valencian Vox deputy. “Gender violence exists and each murder of a woman shocks us as a society. From the PP we will not take a step back in the fight against this scourge. We are not going to give up our principles, whatever it costs us”, has published Alberto Núñez Feijóo. After the leader of the PP, leaders such as Cuca Gamarra or Borja Sémper have insisted on this issue, correcting their government partner in the Valencian Community. The future president of the Generalitat, Carlos Mazón has sent a statement along the same lines.

The Minister for Equality and leader of Podemos, Irene Montero, has made Feijóo ugly by putting up “the red carpet” for the far-right parties that deny sexist violence, while Yolanda Díaz has insisted that “agree with those who deny gender violence gender is to take a huge step back.” In the PSOE, after hearing the statements, they have denounced the “reactionary and ultra-conservative wave” that will reach 187 municipalities throughout Spain this Saturday in which local governments will fall back on PP pacts with the extreme right. “It will be a black Saturday for democracy in Spain because in 187 cities and towns it will be the ultra-conservative politicians of the most ultra-conservative Popular Party in Europe together with the extreme right who have a direct impact on the lives of citizens,” said the secretary of Municipal politician of the PSOE, Alfonso Rodríguez Gómez de Celis, in a press appearance at the Ferraz headquarters.

The acting Valencian Government: “Denialism is inadmissible”

In its last plenary session, held this Friday, the Valencian Government chaired by Ximo Puig has labeled the “denial” of sexist violence as “inadmissible”. The plenary session of the Consell has issued an institutional declaration in which it underlines its commitment to the fight against violence against women, which has been read by the acting vice-president and councilor for Equality, Aitana Mas.

The text censures that “in recent days red lines have been crossed in the consideration and response to the main problem that Valencian society has: sexist violence”, among which it cites: “The negotiation of a Valencian Government led by a person that she has been convicted of mistreating a woman and continues to deny the existence of sexist violence”, the “publication of a government agreement that silences the discriminatory phenomenon of sexist violence” and the signing of “an official agreement that talks about ” Domestic violence“. That literally focuses on “equality among all victims.”

“The Council wants to send a message to the Valencian citizens. Especially all women. And very especially, to women who suffer violence – physical or mental – by a man. To those who are already assisted in the network of victim assistance offices, and to those who have to take the step and not resign themselves. The Valencian Community cannot become a free land for machismo. The Valencian Community has to continue being a land of rights, respect and equality”, says the text.

Source: www.eldiario.es

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