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  • When in 2015 Cristina Kirchner term resigning to the candidacy of Daniel Sciolione of the formulas that Kirchnerism found to military a candidate whom they felt very unaffiliatedcases a strange (despite the fact that he had been vice president and governor of the province of Buenos Aires) was to say “the candidate is the project.” Translated it meant that the flesh and blood candidate he was not him real candidatethe true candidate was an abstraction: the project . This formulation already contained a contradictionminimal, strange: the presumption what can be done pull apart and almost dissociate to the candidates, to the people of his own political project.
  • In 2019the estrategia autojustificatoria from the point of view of political speech it was another very different: as Cristina was the leader undisputed of peronismbut for a matter of electoral arithmetic (which was not explained too much) the numbers did not give him (the famous “with Cristina it is not enough”), then it was necessary to summon a figure that could articulate beyond the limit to which Kirchnerism came, enlarge las borders.
  • I open a parenthesis at this point because many of the ideologues or even intellectual referents that refer to Kirchnerism when they speak in abstract they say the clave from policy es push the limitsexpand the universe of possibilities (change power relationsultimately), now if you look at the options of the last decade were imposed by limits, the boundaries shaped the candidates. I close parentheses.
  • In 2019he said, with the premise of expanding the political borders to the right, he elected Alberto Fernandez. And Cristina Kirchner appointed herself vice president in the formula. Fernández was a man with very good relations with the enemies of Kirchnerism (he was almost a permanent plant in the channels of the Clarin Group), with good relations with the Power of attorneyit had opposite to the Media law and also to confrontation with the employers of the campo. And although at that time they denied it, they had the fantasy of a kind of reissue of “Cámpora to the Government, Perón to power”. Through the experience of that return of Perón in the 70s who was prevented from presenting himself and appointed Hector Campora who was there for 49 days and resigned (or was resigned) so that the real boss could be chosen. The reasoning that could not be said was no longer the candidate’s project, but the candidate does not exist. A fancy a bit childish who thought he could “cheat” real power or part of society because he showed them in the window a candidate that they could “buy”, but that they threads they were going to be in the hands of Cristina. From this experiment emerged a government characterized by the internal vetoes and the locks mutual.
  • The massa’s choiceas we already said in this space, is a reissue of these optionsbut with a leap in quality by the characteristics of the candidate (his relations with royal power, etc.)
  • as he wrote Diego Genoud: “The eventual rise of Massa as Cristina’s successor in Peronism represents a very concrete possibility for the circles of international financial power, which they desire with as much or more intensity than their local spokespersons. Just as Macri deluded half the world with the mirage that he could be the name that would leave populist Argentina behind with a solid and lasting project, Massa returns as one of the strongest candidates to decree the end of the Kirchnerist cycle from Peronism. What in Macri was a promise to wipe out the vices of Peronist statism allied to the institutional PJ that was too similar to him, could be in this recycled Massa a non-traumatic variant in which Christianity yielded, tame and hopeless, to its own extinction”.
  • This was perceived by markets that the first business day after the nomination of the formula Sergio Massa – Agustín Rossi showed hikes: local stocks and bonds were dyed green and began the week with rises of up to 10%. The shares of Banco Macro stood out with a shot of 10.3%, followed by Edenor (+10.2%), YPF (+7.8%), Grupo Financiero Galicia (+7.8%) and Irsa ( +7.1%), among others.
  • Massa of does not count with the territorial weight who conquered in 2013 when he represented the discontent of a Buenos Aires social sector, neither does it measure In the polls, he is not even close to one of the most valued leaders in Argentina. And this makes it more dependent still of his above what of his below. But he showed greater capacity and will than Alberto Fernández for his political project.
  • on the path of the chaotic designation of the candidate remained the exhibitions outline of an academic seminar that Cristina Kirchner gave in recent months and in which he claimed a program beyond names or candidacies. Everything became a dead letter because what is the program? Massa had all the programs because it doesn’t have none.
  • Con Massathe label that was given to Scioli becomes more literal: the candidate es the project. There is no project beyond the candidate. And if we look not only at his trajectory, but at his practice in recent times: the candidate is the fit.
  • As that is what there is, the operational —which is going to intensify in the next month— for that make up to the candidate. They started saying that They fight with the Bottom because they did not want to include the construction of the Nestor Kirchner pipeline in this year’s budget and that Massa gave a “battle” that changed that, they want to show it as one that You are interested in Human Rights. The complement to this is a oblivion politics: forget a whole itinerary that goes from co-governing with Macri, Maria Eugenia Vidal o Gerardo Morales among many other things.
  • And the argument in the last trench gave it the vice president and is repeated like a mantra: text y context. So when one says, “Che, but Massa did this or that”, they answer “text and context”. As if the context justified any text. so is the pragmatism they answer. The other day he listened to someone who refers to Peronism and said: “Che, everything is fine with pragmatism, I am with pragmatism, but it does work and this one does not work.”
  • He was somewhat right because, in addition to everything politically questionable, this face “to the right” with candidates who know how to play his music, he does nothing but strengthen right. I don’t know if pragmatism in general, but this pragmatism failed because it basically proposes More and worse of the same.
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