At the general Laura Richardson is the boss of southern command of USA. On his second visit to the country, just arrived in Argentina to meet with officials Front of All and with hierarchs of the Armed forces. This Monday at 5:00 p.m. he will have a meeting with Jorge Taianathe former “progressive” Minister of Defense who will gladly receive her to learn details of the plans of US imperialism for the regionespecially related to extractivism and appropriation of natural resources.

Richardson is one of the officials of the administration of Joe Baiden that most clearly expressed the economic interests of USA in Latin America.

In January, during an Atlantic Council event (think tank they seek at the I’LL TAKE), said without embarrassment: “Why is this region important? With all its rich resources and rare earth elements, you have the lithium triangle, which is necessary for technology today. 60% of the world’s lithium is in the lithium triangle: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile… We have 31% of the world’s fresh water in this region… With that inventory, at USA It has a lot to do, this region matters, as it has a lot to do with national security and we have to start our game… We also have the largest oil reserves, including light and sweet crude. They also have the resources of Venezuela, with oil, copper, gold, and there is the importance of the Amazon as the lungs of the world”.

To these interests is added the geopolitical dispute in between USA y China. Precisely the same Argentine minister with whom he will meet today Richardson Last week it received a mission of officials from the Asian giant who work in the area of ​​the military and arms industry.

The new visit of Richardson a Argentina is presented by the southern command with the sole objective of “discussing the cooperation in matters of security” since the country “is a socio regional security trust”. The typical “back rub” to the governments of semi-colonial, backward and dependent countries, with the sole objective of continuing encorsetando those countries based on imperialist strategic interests.

The arrival of “the general” is added to the one made last week by the US Undersecretary of State Wendy Sherman. Visits that make up the continuity of the talks between the administrations of both countries, which had a central point on March 29 in the White House with the appointment between Biden y Alberto Fernandez.

As will be remembered, the military chief herself Richardson was pleasantly received by the vice president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner in his office in the Argentine Senate, in a meeting pre-planned by the Yankee ambassador in Argentina Marc Stanley.

The discussion about what to do with and how to treat responsibly the natural resources that countries like Argentina have is part of the historical debate that makes national sovereignty and the real possibilities of economic, industrial and social development of the peoples. Clearly neither the peronismnot even right-wing opposition (whether moderate or ultraliberal at the mercy), think about the issue from an anti-imperialist point of view.

For capitalist political managers there is no contradiction between supposed “national development projects” and the appropriation of natural assets by multinational corporations (many of them American or Chinese). For them, that these strategic resources are in the hands of the working peoples of Latin America is unnecessary And till inconvenient.

On the contrary, from the perspective of left, anti-imperialist y anti-capitalist It is essential that what the land and seas provide us be used in a rational y sustainable. For this they must remain in the hands of the peoples themselves who inhabit those lands and those seas. And that will only be achieved with a independent struggle and organization of the popular sectors, led by the most active sectors and aware of the working classthe only one whose strategic interests are tied to the environment preservation.


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