The entrance hall of the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the UBA was filled with both of all colors. Health workers and students from all over the country, from AMBA hospitals and health centers, from emblematic hospitals such as Posadas, San Martín, Garrahan and Castro Rendon, from the UBA, UNLP and UNAJ together with colleagues from the Disability Network, the TAs in struggle and gave a salute from IS. In addition, those who were connected live from Neuquén, Jujuy and Tucumán. A true national meeting, convened by the worker groups La Marrón Salud, La Izquierda x la Salud Pública, Salud de las Bases and La Violeta-Granate together with the student groups En Clave Roja, Levógiro and Tesis XI.

Also present were Myriam Bregman and Nicolás del Caño, candidates for president and vice president for the PTS/Frente de Izquierda Unidad, Patricio del Corro, candidate for deputy in CABA and Alejandrina Barry, legislator for the PTS/FITU in CABA, in addition to Laura Cano , doctor from Cestino de Ensenada, opposition member of the Provincial Board of Directors of CICOP and provincial deputy for the Province of Buenos Aires and Franco “Paco” Capone, resident doctor at Penna Hospital, ad-honorem professor at the Faculty and candidate for Buenos Aires legislator for the FITU.

“It is a pride to share this meeting with those of us who are in the struggles,” said Nicolás del Caño. “We have a challenge ahead of the elections, to strengthen the only list made up of workers” to confront those who are adjusting and intend to be the continuity of the adjustment represented by the other lists. He called for a great battle within the unions that in 2019 “said that we had to wait for a Peronist government and now look what happened.” “Whoever wins, a tougher adjustment is coming, but we have full confidence that the workers are not going to let it pass,” he stated.

Myriam continued denouncing the current adjustment: “Now in the campaign the promises begin. You can’t vote for those who are going to continue cutting health care. There is someone who gets up every day and says I have to destroy public health. That what has increased the most in last year’s budget is debt payment is a political decision. When you meet the fund, you cut back on disability, on health. And then they wonder why the right wins,” she said. He made clear the responsibility of the government of Massa, Alberto and Cristina, of the union bureaucrats: “The game on the right is played by the adjustment, the game on the right is played by the traitor union leaderships that tell us not to go out. “On October 22 we have to show that there are a lot of us who are on this side. If we fight that fight the political message is very harsh,” he emphasized.

And he added that “to those who are convinced that we must defend public health, through public education, that women have to continue fighting for our rights and we do not have to wait, that the rights of workers are more important than complying with the IMF, we must tell them to accompany us.” “That the left makes a good election, that it gets deputies is something very important. The October 22 vote is the first act of political resistance. It is very important to convince ourselves to go out and fight that fight.” “To stop the right, the only thing there is is the left, NEITHER SUBJECTED NOR COMPLICIES,” he concluded amidst a standing ovation.

The voices of health workers were expressed throughout the day. Lau Cano and Paco presented the 8 proposals to face the crisis and those responsible and for which they fight to have better working conditions. The proposals aim to end multiple employment on the way to achieving a single health system for workers and their families. Bárbara and Natalia, nurses from Garrahan and San Martín de La Plata, claimed the nursing career as a professional and that enormous white tide that flooded the AMBA with residents and attendees and called to mobilize on September 28 on the day of struggle for abortion with the group Pan y Rosas.

The voices of health students were also expressed, recounting their experience accompanying the struggles of workers and how they reflect those struggles in their places of study. As well as other workers from Tucumán, Neuquén, and Jujuy, who spoke about the fight against the reform of Morales and the PJ and their role in supporting the indigenous peoples, teachers and all the people who took to the streets. Also from the Disability and AT’s group. The problem of mental health was a central axis.

At the end, the following resolutions were voted:

Support for all health struggles: Posadas and San Justo Children’s Hospital in struggle, and all sectors in struggle.

Promote strong groups in places of study and work that strengthen the ties of unity between students and workers and that put up a strong fight to recover unions and student centers so that they can be true tools of organization.

Strengthen the FITU as an electoral expression of this fight in health, adhering to the request made by the youth.

Participate on 28S, Global Action Day for Legal, Free, Safe and Free Abortion, may the green tide take to the streets again!

I support the people of Jujuy who are fighting against the reform of Morales and the PJ.

We demand a move to a professional nursing career, recognition of the AT task, support for the Disability Law and the strengthening of special orientation teams in CABA. One psychologist per school.


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