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  • In recent days it has practically become a common place say that the province of Jujuy it’s a laboratory in which a rehearsal which will then be sought to be imposed on the whole country. This was installed by the political and communication referents of the kirchnerism to say that a possible Government Together for Change would apply a repressive and anti-rights politics like the one that leads Gerardo Morales in your province.
  • can take the definition as valid if we extend it in a more general sense. Because Jujuy became a laboratoryif you will, in a experiment in which the real position of all political actors and not just politicians.
  • On the one hand, it became clear that in Together for Change the division between hawks y pigeons is a screena differentiation merely from propaganda electoral politics, but it is not a deep and real division. It’s more of a task division. In fact, Patricia Bullrich, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta, Martin Lousteauthe recently incorporated José Luis Espertthey all crowded together defend Gerardo Morales and its repressive policy under the singing voice precisely from Bullrich. Before the escalation of social conflictthey closed ranks in a close defense from Constitutional reform reactionary of Morales and after his repressive policy.
  • Now the events of Jujuy They also revealed the positionings in it Front of All. From those who belatedly pronouncedquite late, such as Pedro’s Wado or others who responded from kickbackFor example, the vice president Cristina Kirchner who intervened when she was attacked by Gerardo Morales, the same president Alberto Fernandez; even those who said practically nothing, like Sergio Massa. Several of them, From Peter the Massahave good relations with Morales or even shared the same political coalition. for at least one my what it has been denounced —we also did it in this space— the totalitarian laboratory of Gerardo Morales in Jujuy who finally It was aproved (constitutional reform), as they say, “between roosters and midnight” with the support of local peronism conducted by Ruben Rivarola.
  • Los constituents of the Left Frontpractically in soledad denounced the farce inside as far as they could and withdrew at the end to do not endorse this fraudbut it had to raise a large part of the town of Jujuy for some referents of traditional politics to speak on Twitter.
  • Now too true journalism He showed his threadbare before the events of Jujuy. We don’t talk about the media traditionally aligned with the righthow can they be The Nation+ or those who make up the group Clarionbut other media or journalists who appear to be more impartial with one more position equidistant and they got the macarto that they carry inside I say because they joined the chorus of condemn the left in the tradition of the famous Senator Joseph McCarthy that in the middle of the last century in EE. UU. made flag of the persecution and accusations against the communist left in full cold War. Hence, he inadvertently patented the term McCarthyism for this type of practice.
  • how is that narrative? They say: “Well Morales was wrongbut the answer that was unleashed does not correspond either; repression is wrong, but the actions that encourages the left are not correct either. The left cannot assume the representation of all the people etc.”
  • And reactionary historian which was once very fashionable in France It said: “The historian must place himself on top of the walls of the besieged city, embracing with his gaze besieged and besiegers.” That was, according to him, the only way to get a “commutative justice”. However, the works of this historian —like those of most of his type— demonstrate that if one climbed high of the walls that separate the two sides was purely and simply to serve onein general, the side of the strongest.
  • I mean, faced with events like those in Jujuy, when the political and social tensions are exacerbatedis very hard not to take sides. These are moments in which it is more evident that the “impartiality” is a shameful way from bias. In Jujuy or was he with Morales and its peronist allies they wanted one reactionary reform to guarantee the resource delivery strategic or was with the people, the teacherslos original towns who rejected that subjugation with determination. Being “in the middle” was and is simply a intermediate error.
  • It also reveals a idea that have about the left. Let’s see, from the left that was third force in Jujuy in 2021, which with Alexander Vilca got the 13% of the vote in a recent historic election (being an executive); It is accepted that —as some political analysts say— she fulfills a function in it “ecological balance” within the political systemwhat channel the anger through electoral adhesions. Maybe you also tolerates to mobilize (in union or unemployed marches), to parade in calendar routines (March 24, May 1). In short, that it is part of a decorated harmlessly. Now when the left puts signaturesachieves relevant political positions (as in Jujuy) manages to develop a virtuous combination in between parliamentary complaint y extra-parliamentary mobilization for really change things, not there anymore, they say is very “extremist”. Just when the left shows his best version to put it somehow, when does not accept as a fait accompli the famous correlation of forces.
  • Finally, Jujuy also put in crisis to many who were obsessed by the “Milei phenomenon” as an expression that society had turned unilaterally to the right. The rebellionin Jujuy it was not from the rightwas against the right. Y no wanna err on the side of excessive optimism Not to mention that (neither in Jujuy nor in the country) everything has mechanically changed in the opposite direction. That would be make a similar mistake whom I criticize But, minimally, what was evident is that we are not doomed to the right turn without resistance. And the rebellionas is evident, is a battlefield.

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