UAM professor tells Spanish television that Bolsonaro’s role in the coup attacks in Brasilia is evident.

While Bolsonaro’s participation in the January 8 coup attacks is the subject of investigation by the Brazilian justice system, international observers are in no doubt. In a special report by RTVE (Radio and Television of Spain), the professor of International Relations at the Autonomous University of Madrid Susanne Gratius was categorical. “It is evident that Bolsonaro is behind this.”

In an interview with the special “Brazil, after chaos”, aired a week after the attacks, the researcher talks about a movement built with the support of the former president. “He had somehow encouraged this movement.”

“He had said before the elections that there are only three ways out: either I win the elections, or they arrest me or I die”, he recalls.

The images in the report show a coup-mongering and masked militant in the midst of attacks in the federal capital, who shouts at the camera, furious. “Military intervention, Lula, motherfucker, thief, bastard”,

“In the United States, Bolsonaro reacted with laxity, through tweets, to the attacks of his more radical followers, whom he defended for months”, observes the report.

“In the month of November, after his defeat, he himself defended the blockade of the highways”.

The report alludes to the speech at the Planalto Palace on November 1 by the loser at the polls, when Bolsonaro says he understands the protests.

Spanish television shows images of a woman wrapped in a Brazilian flag, apparently dissatisfied with an immovable military cordon in Brasília. “Do right, do good, stop being ladybugs so”.

“The armed forces are democratic. They supported Lula, the opposite could have happened because that was a slightly less predictable factor”, argues professor Susanne Gratius.

“But I believe that, in that sense, by resolving the situation in three hours, by showing solidarity with the elected president, I believe that democracy has been strengthened”.

The report exposes the speech in which Lula recalls that no general had disallowed the coup camps in front of the barracks.

“January 8, Brazil is facing the worst crisis in its history since the end of the dictatorship in 1985”.

“Both in Brazil and in the United States, the institutions have endured and recovered order, but warn of the risk that exists when the rules are not respected and the game is democracy”, concludes the report by Carolina Teruel and Jesus Iglesias.


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