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By Eduardo Maretti, from RBA

When commenting on the meeting between presidents Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and Joe Biden this Friday (10), the newspaper The New York Times noted an aspect of symbolic unprecedentedness that marked the meeting between the PT and the Democrat at the White House. Lula flew back to Brazil and should arrive in Brasília around 8 pm this Saturday (11).

“When hosting world leaders, President Biden often exchanges ideas on trade policy or national security and perhaps talks about old election stories,” the NYT said. “But on Friday, for the first time, he welcomed a leader with whom he could talk about being the target of a violent insurgency.”

The observation by the newspaper, one of the most important in the world, is a reference to the fact that the White House meeting took place just a month after “a crowd supporting Lula’s defeated predecessor looted Congress, the Supreme Court and the presidential offices of the country, in an attack eerily similar to the assault on the United States Capitol two years earlier.”

“Both nations’ strong democracies have been tested of late, very tested, and our institutions are in danger, Biden said as he sat down with Lula in the Oval Office,” the paper reported. For Biden, however, “both in the United States and in Brazil, democracy prevailed.” The NYT added, quoting the American head of government, that both countries reject “political violence and we value our democratic institutions very much”.

For the NYT, “Mr. Biden and Mr. Lula are seasoned politicians with similar, straight-talking, backslapping political styles, and the US president has accepted an invitation to visit Brazil at an undetermined time in the future.”

Democracy: the dominant agenda

Other international newspapers covered the historic meeting in Washington. Discussions on how to strengthen democracy, at a time when it has been more attacked than ever since the end of World War II, were the highlighted theme of the meeting between Lula and Biden by the international press in general.

In a text entitled “United by the horror of the extreme right”, the Argentine Page 12 he also highlighted the union and demonstration of the two presidents, at the White House, “against the coup”, in addition to talking about deforestation in the Amazon and the war in Ukraine.

united hair horror

“Lula da Silva returned to the US as president-elect for the third time and met at the White House with Joe Biden, with whom he had his sparks when (Biden) was vice president. But now they are united by horror: after winning the elections, both suffered a mass assault on government buildings by right-wing extremists”, highlighted Página12.

O The Washington Post, the main vehicle in the American capital, also highlighted the similarity of the attacks suffered by Lula’s Brazil and Biden’s USA. “President Joe Biden and Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva met at the White House on Friday and reflected on how their nations have been tested in their respective battles to preserve democracy,” the Post said.

The newspaper recalled that Trump and Bolsonaro – the “Trump of the Tropics” – “sowed doubts about the vote, without presenting proof, but their doubts reverberated among their most radical supporters”.

NATO’s vision

already german German wave pointed out that Jair Bolsonaro isolated Brazil internationally, but Lula is trying to change this situation. According to DW“the two leaders unified the discourse in defense of democracy and talked about a new partnership to protect the environment and combat climate change”.

But, reflecting the predominant European view of the war, the German network considers that, however, Lula “will have to deal with issues such as the war in Ukraine and the tense relationship between the US and China”, issues in which “Brazil resisted siding with the West.”

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