Former President Jair Bolsonaro at an event in the United States

The forgery of vaccine certificates against Covid-19 is a federal crime in the United States, the country where former President Jair Bolsonaro traveled in December last year. The Federal Police carried out an operation at his home this Wednesday (3), on suspicion of inserting false immunization data against the virus into the Ministry of Health systems.

The use of fraudulent documents to enter the United States can lead to “fines or imprisonment”, according to the country’s Embassy in Brazil, in addition to preventing the user of these false data from receiving the immigration benefit. Such cases are analyzed by the Justice based on American and Brazilian laws.

The former president traveled to the country for the last time on December 30, 2022, his penultimate day as president, and stayed there for about 90 days. US law defines that anyone knowingly using fraudulent documents can be sentenced to imprisonment of up to 10 years.

The penalties can be different, depending on the responsibility for producing the document. People with diplomatic immunity, as was the case with Bolsonaro, may qualify for exceptions provided for by the CDC (Center for Disease Prevention and Control), which provides for the possibility of viral tests for 3 to 5 days or self-isolation.

He may have committed a crime even with the exceptions of the US federal agency if he has shown the vaccination certificate.

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