“I will not be a candidate for President of the Nation” confirm the former governor from the province of Buenos Aires on social networks. Several days ago there had been speculation about his eventual decline to compete to lead the executive branch. In her defense, the leader of the PRO affirmed “”Individual projects cannot be above the group. ‘Don’t fight’, ‘Stay united’, they told me on each tour. That’s why, because I listened to them and because I understand them, I decided that this time I’m not going to be candidate for President of the Nation.

However, the truth is that in recent weeks the polarization in the internal cambemite in between Bullrich y larreta was not giving rise to an eventual candidacy of Vidalwho also has the drag of the critical management carried out in the province of Buenos Aires during the presidency of Macri, with its balance of adjustment, repression and a trail of poverty. That is precisely why she had speculated on being a candidate, but in the Buenos aires city, where he does not have the wear and tear that he brings from his years at the head of the province. However, this eventual candidacy would also seem to have been ruled out.

In her release on social networks, Maria Eugenia Vidal also stated that “This, like every decision in my political career, was made on the street, not behind a desk. I decided by listening to those who want to educate themselves to progress, to those who choose freedom and not submitting, to those who work and to those who give work. I decided touring and planning the future that I want for my country”. words loaded with cynicism. We might recall for instance the constant attack on teachers and their rights from the ex-governor, who is now talking about education. Not to mention her claims of freedom and submission, when her government was responsible for contracting a odious debt with the International Monetary Fund, which continues to deepen its submission from the country.

According to different versions, finally the same Macriwhom Vidal had been backing, would have thumbed down any possibility that Vidal was a candidate, which would have ended rush your decision.

Vidal’s decline to compete in the internal PRO does not mean a decrease in the crisis interna that the right-wing opposition group of Together. On the contrary, the crossed accusations continue and the pre-candidacies multiply, which in the same Buenos aires citywho have governed for 16 years, reaches at least 5 applicants. An inmate who has expression throughout the country and who possibly does no more than accentuate in the heat of the economic crisis and the election campaign.

Source: www.laizquierdadiario.com

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