A well-deserved victory. The people of Misiones rebelled for months against a political regime of misery and exploitation. In the province of contrasts, where a few amass fortunes and thousands of others go hungry, teachers led the way. A fight that began at the beginning of the year, over wages and working conditions, spread throughout the province, infecting other sectors of workers. Rovira is afraid! It was the most listened to song and that was because the teachers lost their fear, in the face of a 20-year regime that ruled by whip and wallet as the teachers told us. More than 20 years of Peronist government today sold to Milei. Fed up is the word.

An increase in school meals was also achieved and the educational budget was discussed. This increase benefits the teaching salary scale that will continue to be discussed in these weeks.

The victory is celebrated like the World Cup. The government that criminalizes social protest, that treated teachers as violent, had to sit down to negotiate with the combative teachers. YesTheir addicted union bureaucracies, the CTERA and the CGT, could not handle a flood of primary, special, secondary and tertiary teachers. The police officers made cuts at the entrances to the border with Paraguay and on the triple border, a cut lasting more than 8 hours on the Garupá bridge, they mobilized thousands on different days and faced the repression of Passalacqua. The cuts were on both Route 12 and Route 14, both national routes also attacking the forestry industry and international tourism.

It was with new forms of organization, where each school and with the proposals of the directives of the combative unions and guilds, of the FTEL and the MPL, that they were defining in the same courts, in each school and the famous camp in Uruguay, how to continue and how to take each measure. There was one fact that already marked the triumph, the people of Misiones, the educational community, supported the teachers and brought them food to resist. They joined the native communities that brought their own claims and supported the cuts, social organizations and small producers in the province.

The repressive forces of the province, who as soon as they negotiated turned around targeting the teachers, were unable to repress them. They brought eviction orders to the courts and armed causes, but the level of popularity of the conflict was widespread. It couldn’t be any other way, if those teachers are the ones who educate the sons and daughters of the working people of Misiones in terrible conditions.from the children of weed workers to precarious workers in Posadas.

You have to be alert. Some of the government’s commitments were not signed at the table. But the missionary teaching knows about this and they do not have the slightest bit of confidence in this political regime or its personnel. It will remain in a state of alert and mobilization.

From the PTS, the 9 de Abril current and the CeProDH, We are very happy with this victory and we have humbly contributed our grain of sand to nationalize the conflict. From The Daily Left, We have installed mobile phones, journalists and correspondents throughout the conflict to provide coverage at the level of what the missionary struggle demanded. From the benches, The deputies of the Left Front did their thing, Myriam Bregman, Nicolás del Caño, Alejandro Vilca and Cristian Castillo, they put the teaching struggle in that cave of bandits that is Congress. We have also contributed to the strike fund so that this fight does not starve them.

This Wednesday the new Bases Law is discussed in the Senate. The senators of Misiones who entered the list with Sergio Massa and now they sold their votes to Milei, they want to vote for a brutal labor reform against the workers. Clearly we can say, Let’s do like on missions! Call for a strike and mobilization of all union centers to overthrow this disastrous law.

Long live the mission fight!

Correspondents from Misiones: Javier Brat and Pablo García for La Izquierda Diario

Source: www.laizquierdadiario.com

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