The Brazilian company BW Energy announced a significant oil discovery off the coast of Gabon, which promises to increase the oil reserves of the African continent. The announcement came after the successful drilling of the appraisal well DHIBM-7Pmember of the project Hibiscus/Ruffle.

The strategic location of the discovery in Africa is generating global interest, highlighting the region as a key spot for oil exploration.

The pilot well DHIBM-7Pdeveloped to evaluate the northern flank of the field Hibiscusconfirmed the presence of high-quality oil.

“This discovery highlights the untapped potential of the Dussafu license,” he stated Carl K. Arnet, CEO of BW Energy. The company focused on a low-cost, reduced-risk strategy, aiming for rapid and efficient exploration of the new reserve.

The total depth of the well reached 3.941 metros, where the new oil reserve was identified. The platform Norway and Borr Drilling operationalized the discovery, located approximately 1,5 kilometers north-northwest of the platform MaBoMo.

Initial analysis revealed approximately 24 meters of oil layer in a total hydrocarbon column of 37 meters, representing the first accumulation of Gamba-Dentale hydrocarbons in the Hibiscus field.

BW Energy anticipates that production from the DHBSM-1H well, which began in March, will contribute significantly to the project’s production capacity, with the oil being processed and stored at the Bw Adolo FPSO before export.

This discovery reinforces Africa’s position as a crucial region for future oil and gas exploration, in a context where other companies are also intensifying their activities on the continent.

Initiatives in Angola, Namibia and the partnership between Carbon Circle it’s at Ample VGE for the development of oil and gas fields in West Africa.

Furthermore, an increase is expected in oil-producing countries liquefied natural gas (LNG)with new installations planned in countries such as Nigeria e Mozambique until 2035.


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