The Islamic Resistance movement Hezbollah carried out a series of attacks against Israeli settlements and military installations on May 31.

According to the channel Al-Mayadeenthe action was in retaliation for Israeli attacks that occurred earlier the same day in southern Lebanon, resulting in the deaths of four people, including a paramedic and a woman.

Hezbollah has stated that its attacks are aimed at supporting Palestinians in Gaza and responding to Israeli offensives on Lebanese villages.

The group reported that it used Burkan rockets to attack the Biranit barracks, headquarters of the Division 91 of the Israeli army, and the place of al-Baghdadi. Additionally, drone attacks were carried out against Iron Dome systems at the Al-Zaoura and hit a building in Shomerano Lebanon busy.

The group also launched dozens of Katyusha rockets at Israeli settlements from GatonAin Yaqoub, Yehiam e Ramot Naftali.

In response to Israel’s initial strikes, which killed four people in southern Lebanon, the Israeli operations room Islamic Health Committeelinked to Hezbollah, reported that an Israeli drone hit an ambulance in Naqouraresulting in the death of one rescuer and injuring another.

A subsequent attack in Adloun resulted in the death of a woman and injuries to four other people.

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah, in a videoconference speech, highlighted the strategic importance of the current confrontation with Israel, mentioning that the battle has implications for the future of Lebanon and the region, including water and oil resources.

Nasrallah reiterated that Hezbollah will continue its operations against Israel regardless of political considerations.

Since cross-border clashes began more than seven months ago, Israeli attacks have resulted in the deaths of 450 people in Lebanon, including more than 80 civilians and ten rescue teams, according to data from AFP.

On the Israeli side, Hezbollah attacks resulted in the deaths of 14 soldiers and 11 civilians, although the actual number may be higher due to Israel’s policy of not disclosing military casualties.

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