The 2023 elections will be on August 13 (PASO) and October 22 (general)

The National Electoral Chamber published this Friday provisional register for the 2023 elections, ten days after the closure of the Voter Registry, as established in the official schedule of the elections. This document lists the persons authorized to vote in the Open, Simultaneous and Compulsory Elementary (STEP) of August 13, and in the general elections of October 22.

Voters can consult their data in the electoral roll, and confirm whether the information in the document is correct or not. In the event that there are erroneous data or that it does not appear, you can claim until May 19.

Lastly, the July 14 is the publication and printing of definitive standards. This date is established according to articles 29 and 30 of the National Electoral Code, which establish that they must be made official 30 days before the PASO.

The National Electoral Justice published the provisional register on May 5

Where do I vote: how to check the electoral roll

To consult the data contained in the provisional register, you must go to the website of the National Electoral Justice and enter the ID number, gender and electoral district of the address that appears on the ID. If you appear on the list of voters, the information you will obtain will be your circuit and electoral section.

How to claim if the data is wrong in the provisional register

In the event that the data returned by the site is incorrect, or that it is not included in the register, there is the option to report the error. To do this, you will have to press the “Claims” button. There you must select the district corresponding to the address that appears on your ID and complete the claim form.

The reasons for filing the complaint may be: if your data is wrong, if you never appeared in the register, if the address is listed incorrectly, or if you want to make a death report.

If the data in the register for the 2023 elections is wrong, the claim can be raised until May 19

How to complete the claim form for electoral roll data

In order to successfully make the claim, you must complete:

  • Name, surname, gender, ID number.
  • The reason for the claim and a detailed description of it.
  • Attach a file where the front and back of your ID can be seen, and you have the option of adding a more digitized image of other documentation that you consider necessary to raise the claim. File formats that can be uploaded are PDF, JPG, PNG.
  • If you consider, you can also add other complementary information, such as the date of the last procedure carried out in the Civil Registry, type of procedure, if you voted in the last elections or not, and if you did, if it was with the same address with which you will do so in 2023.
  • Mandatorily complete the information about your current address (the last address that appears on your ID), town, province, telephone and email.
  • Enter the indicated validation code or Captcha
  • Send claim Once the claim has been made, you can also follow its evolution through the website.

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