King Charles III, who will be crowned this Saturday (6). Photo: Getty Images

King Charles III, who will be crowned this Saturday (6), has a fortune much greater than that of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II. Despite only taking the throne now, he has a heritage valued at 600 million pounds (R$ 3.8 billion), while his mother’s is around 370 million pounds (R$ 2.3 billion). The information is from the British newspaper Sunday Times.

In Charles’ estate there are a number of investments, palaces, jewels, rare stamps and even swans. He still inherited a huge range of assets from his mother, valued at US$ 500 million, according to Forbes magazine. With the coronation, he will still oversee institutions that manage about US$ 42 billion in assets.

King Charles III’s most prized possession is the Crown Estate, a property portfolio with $17.5 billion in liquid assets, which includes one of London’s largest shopping streets, Regent Street. In addition to the amount left by the queen, Charles also received a huge variety of animals, which includes 32,000 swans, as well as dolphins, whales and sturgeons.

Charles’ fortune does not only include palaces, jewels and animals: he also owns large tracts of land and even agricultural territories on the outskirts of the United Kingdom. He will also automatically receive the Duchy of Lancaster upon taking the throne, owned by the UK’s incumbent sovereign.

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