The leader of the PP in Extremadura is now “convinced” that there will be an agreement with Vox, a party with whom she no longer rules out governing, after having vetoed them on June 20. “The bridges are still there,” Guardiola said after her meeting with the president of the regional Assembly, Blanca Martín, who today held a round of consultations with all the groups in the chamber. “Vox is a constitutional party with which I want to agree,” she said. To the question of whether she will admit Vox into her government, the Extremaduran leader has responded evasively: “I have asked for respect, I will not consent to what has happened this week, use my words to generate hatred and confrontation.” Regarding whether she has changed her position, she assures that her position is the same as always, that of “the outstretched hand” to Vox.

Vox uses the PP to promote the most ultra-ultra profiles to institutional and influential positions


Guardiola’s words come after the change of direction imposed from Genoa to redirect the negotiations with Vox. The PP leader, however, affirms that she has not received “any pressure” from the party leadership.

“I cannot allow those who deny sexist violence, dehumanize immigrants or unfurl a canvas to throw the LGTBI flag into a bin to enter the government,” Guardiola said on June 20 after the constitution of the Extremadura Assembly, which fell in socialist hands due to the disagreement between PP and Vox. Guardiola’s castling in his early days set off alarm bells in Genoa and in the conservative media, who saw how the pre-campaign began to revolve around their conflicts and not on the electoral mantra of “repealing sanchismo.”

Asked this Tuesday about Vox’s position on gender violence and the rejection that Guardiola expressed on the 20th, today the PP leader referred to the letter she sent to the militancy last Sunday.

For his part, the leader of Vox in Extremadura, Ángel Pelayo, has adjusted to the new script and in words to the media before meeting with the president of the Assembly, he has shown himself willing to sit down and negotiate with Guardiola “without limits”. “What Vox wants is to sit down and discuss without any kind of limits, or previous limitations, or preconceived ideas about the good of the people of Extremadura, the well-being of the people of Extremadura and that the people of Extremadura have, I insist once again, the change who have voted at the polls”, said Pelayo.

In Extremadura, this direct confrontation with Vox, whom he needs to unseat the socialist Guillermo Fernández Vara, has earned Guardiola criticism from his colleagues who have agreed with the ultra party, militants who have not understood that the right-wing block is unable to understand each other. Last Friday, during the inauguration in Madrid of the regional president, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, the leadership of the PP, with Feijóo at the helm, and barons like Mazón, Mañueco and Ayuso herself, among others, shared some time in private in the offices of Puerta del Sol with María Guardiola.

From what happened there a letter from Extremadura to the militancy emerged last Sunday, a letter in which the rudder was consummated: “In this new meeting with the polls on July 23, we need to repeat and even improve that extraordinary result. Extremadura and Spain want and deserve a change. The priority is to go out and win. Our region is decisive in achieving the objective of taking our president, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, to La Moncloa”.

Investiture Deadlines

The president of the Assembly of Extremadura, Blanca Martín, had begun consultations with the parliamentary groups on Tuesday to propose the candidate for the Presidency of the regional government.

In accordance with the provisions of article 234 of the autonomous Parliament, Martín, after consulting the presidencies or spokespersons of the parliamentary groups, must propose a candidate to preside over the Board within 15 days from the constitution of the Chamber, which had place on the 20th. Thus, in principle, Martín had until the 5th of July to propose a candidate.

United We Can believe that there will be a failed investiture of Vara

The president of United for Extremadura, Irene de Miguel, has predicted that the investiture of the PSOE candidate for the presidency of the Junta, Guillermo Fernández Vara, will be “failed”, but even so she has offered her support although linked to a pact of governability to show “that there is an alternative” from the left for the region.

Irene de Miguel has made these statements after the meeting held this Tuesday with the president of the Assembly of Extremadura, Blanca Martín, who has opened with her the round of consultations to propose a candidate for the presidency of the Board.

The president of UPE has indicated that they hope to meet in the coming days with Fernández Vara to address the governance pact that he already offered last week, and is convinced that the two leftist forces would show that they can reach agreements before the bloc of right -PP and VOX-.


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