Myriam Bregman and Nicolás del Caño presented the list of the Unity Left Front, invited by various media since Saturday. The PASO will be held on August 13. So was the coverage.

TN – The voices

Interview with Marcelo Bonelli and Edgardo Alfano:

C5N – Minute One

Interview with Gato Sylvestre:


C5N – Green Sprouts

Interview with Alejandro Bercovich:


Interview with Horacio Embón:

RADIO 10 – Morning Sylvestre

Interview with Gato Sylvestre:

Myriam Bregman: “Milei uses the just anger against the political caste but to stay there and no one even thinks of questioning the true factors of economic power”


Interview with Victor Hugo Morales:


Myriam Bregman, the first woman to head the FIT presidential formula

In 2015, she was a candidate for vice president accompanying a young Del Caño, a duo that came as something new to the local left, and that with the passage of time today became a kind of dynamic duo that is never absent from the mobilizations for the workers rights. Nor do they escape disputes with right-wing referents on the benches of Congress


#CierreDeListas 🗳️ The list “Unite and Strengthen the Left” (PTS-Socialist Left) was presented

PRESIDENTIAL | EPISODE 10: Myriam Bregman, The Russian for the revolution: In four minutes, history, thought, strengths and weaknesses of the Trotskyist candidate


Vilca, Natalia Morales and Remy, the candidates of the left in Jujuy

The historic leader of Jujuy’s Left Front and former candidate for governor, Alejandro Vilca, will head the list of national senators in the province, which will be headed by Miryam Bregman and Nicolás Del Caño as the presidential formula. The conventional constituent Natalia Morales will be the first candidate for national deputy for Jujuy and the economist Gastón Remy the first candidate for Parlasur legislator.


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