The executive director of UNICEF – Catherine Russell – also stated that in addition to the 3,450 girls and boys murdered, there are at least 6,300 injured as of this Tuesday, October 31, due to the bombings of the State of Israel, which this week advanced on land in the northern end of the Gaza Strip.

This means that, on average, 420 Palestinian children are killed or injured every day in the Gaza Strip, he explained.

Palestinian childhoods, the main victims of the criminal attacks of the State of Israel

Additionally, the Gaza Ministry of Health reports that there are 940 children reported missing, presumed to still be under the rubble of the buildings that Israel bombs incessantly. Among those buildings are hospitals, churches and schools. Palestinian doctors and rescuers report that the situation is desperate. Let us remember that the State of Israel was responsible for cutting off their water, energy and food supplies. Last week he allowed the Rafah (Egypt) crossing to be opened for trucks with humanitarian aid to pass through. But that was only enough for less than 3% of a total of 2.3 million residents.

Already last Friday the Israeli army cut off telephone and internet communications, isolating Gaza. Only a few international journalists who are in the Strip, with satellite communication, could transmit what was happening. This was the prelude to the land raids in the north of the territory. The Palestinian Red Crescent warned of the “complete” loss of contact with its operations room in the enclave and with all its teams working there and accused Israel of “cutting off all fixed, mobile and internet communications.”

The crimes against humanity that the State of Israel is committing have the support of European imperialisms and mainly the United States. President Joe Biden traveled to Israel to give his explicit support to Netanyahu, who leads the far-right ruling coalition and now the “war committee” that includes his opponent Benjamin Gantz.

Mobilizations around the world

While the governments of the central countries support this genocide, hundreds of thousands are mobilizing around the world demanding that Israel stop this slaughter. In the United States and England, people of Jewish origin are mobilizing to shout “not in our name.”

In Argentina (where the Minister of Economy and official candidate, along with the far-right opposition, meet with the DAIA to support the State of Israel) two demonstrations have already been held in support of the Palestinian people, saying an end to the genocide. This Friday, a great act of solidarity is being called with those people who have been suffering from crimes against humanity and apartheid (in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank).

It is called by a wide range of organizations to repudiate this massacre. Everyone to the streets, on November 3 at 4 p.m. in Congress Plaza to shout: stop the genocide of children and the Palestinian people.


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