This Sunday brought again bad news for the economist far-right that at the time was strongly raised by the vast majority of the media. Although the polls and the political debate put him at the center of the scene, the provincial elections that have been taking place for the moment do not reflect any “right-wing rebellion”. Let’s review a bit.

In Salta, those seeking to reference Milei were divided into several lists. One of them was that of Marcos Urtubey, son of the former governor, who got just 2.24% of the vote. Oscar Vazquez’s list, with the same profile, failed to even appear at the provincial level and barely reached 1.4% of the votes in the provincial capital. For its part, the ultra-right landowner group, alfredo olmedo, who has been publicly supporting Milei, shared a list in this northwestern Argentine province with the Kirchnerist national deputy Emiliano Estrada, in a front that was running to try to dispute the governorship. They were in a distant third place beyond the treacherous opportunism of this alliance.

In Land of Firewhere Milei’s candidate was the evangelical pastor Laura Almirón de Pauli, were even left for under the blank vote. The economist had been to the extreme south of the country a few weeks ago to give him his support, but he does not seem to have moved the ammeter of the Fuegian voters.

The Pampa brought even more gray results: without actually presenting a candidate for governor, they only presented candidacies for provincial legislators, finishing seventh, with 1,28 % of the votes

These results are added to the numbers that were far from what was expected in Neuquén, Rio Negro or La Riojawhere they went with a candidate from the main political caste of the province, the family Me too.

Although the poor results are repeated for the moment throughout the country, Peronism as a whole continues to insist on polarizing with the figure of libertarian. Alberto Fernandez sought to give the note this afternoon from La Pampa when trying to “energumeno” in an act that he led together with the re-elected governor Ziliotto. “A character has appeared who says bullshit, he wants to privatize the streets of the cities, he wants to give freedom to each one to sell his organs and live on that money,” Fernández continued.

In a similar tone he had addressed Cristina Fernandez when talking about the “gentleman with clear eyes” in an act in La Plata and placing him as his main adversary. It’s not by chance. The polarization with Milei is functional to two objectives for Peronism: to revive the repeated campaign of the “lesser evil”, functional to justify the probable candidacy of Sergio Massa, with adjustment to the orders of the Fund included. But also to the unacknowledged objective of polarizing with the liberal to try to dilute Juntos and in this way try to achieve the possibility of entering a ballotage, where they aspire that, given the fear of the libertarian, they can obtain the necessary support to continue in the Government.

There is still a lot of water to run in this long electoral year, but what is certain is that the Peronist policy of putting Milei in the center does nothing more than collaborate with becoming self-fulfilling prophecy. If during the government of Alberto Fernández himself a certain right wing was strengthened, as a result of Peronism’s refusal to confront it (among other factors), this policy may end up strengthening a force that for now has been proving little and nothing at the polls.


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