Alberto Núñez Feijóo will update his declaration of assets before the Senate, and will therefore report his salary as president of the PP, at the end of the term and not within the period of one week that the president of the Senate, Ander Gi, has given him. In other words, the leader of the PP will not reveal how much he earns from the party until after the general elections.

The PP hides Feijóo’s salary that the law requires to make public while demanding “transparency” from the Government


The president of the Upper House sent a letter to Feijóo on Tuesday in which, based on article 26 of the Senate Regulations, which sets a period of thirty calendar days to present a new declaration when the declared circumstances are modified, he asked him to update your information before July 4th.

The PP questioned this deadline and will ignore it. Sources from this party indicate that Feijóo will present his declaration of assets in “time and form” when he ceases to be a senator, a condition that he will maintain until the next August 17, the General Courts elected in the July 23 elections are constituted.

The PP refuses to inform the Senate

Last November, Feijóo informed the Senate for the first time of his appointment as president of the PP. Eight months after the congress that he endorsed. But then he did not detail the emoluments that this position entailed, whether in the form of salary or in kind. PP sources then assured “He will comply with all the requirements made by the Senate.”

Since he was elected leader of the opposition, the president of the PP has refused to clarify what his salary is despite the fact that he has said that what he earns is declared in the Senate and this is not the case. The declaration of assets and activities that the Galician presented in the Upper House only reflects that he presides over the PP, but not the amount that he receives.

“My remuneration comes from the Senate and from the party. All of the people who have been on the steering committee have their salaries increased by the party”, said the popular candidate last week in an interview on Cadena Ser. He also expressed the commitment to reveal this information when he has to deliver the new declaration at the end of the legislature.

The PP fails to comply with the Transparency, Access to Public Information and Good Governance Law approved a decade ago under the absolute majority of its own party and with Mariano Rajoy as president. The norm, in its article 8. f) obliges to make public “the remuneration received annually by the high positions and maximum managers” of the entities affected by the text, which explicitly includes the “political parties”.

A simple visit to the PP Transparency website is enough to verify that Feijóo’s party is breaking the law. In fact, there is no new information on the leadership that assumed command of the party in April 2022 after the removal of Pablo Casado. There are many links that do not work, lead to non-existent pages or point to documents from years ago.


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