This Tuesday night, thousands of people in Jujuy mobilize again against the constitutional reform that radicalism and Peronism voted for together. There is important torchlight marches in San Salvador, Palpalá, Humahuaca, Perico and other locations. In the streets the claim against the reform that radicals and Peronists voted for is heard again. But the demand for the resignation of Gerardo Morales also sounds strong.

The struggle of the people of Jujuy against the reform has been showing enormous strength. weeks ago a huge teacher strugglecon Adip sustaining an indefinite strike as a result of the fight between activism and the base. In Cedems there is an open debate, where the April 9 Association (PTS and independents) raises the need to call a new assembly to discuss how to continue the fight for salary and against the reform. This is due to the fact that a significant number of teachers could not participate in the assembly where it was resolved, by a narrow margin (240 to 214), to accept the government’s salary offer.

These and those teachers are raising the request for a new assembly, to discuss how to continue the fight against the reform. Many of them began to organize themselves in a self-convened way, raising the need to debate again. La 9 de Abril, which is part of the Cedems Board of Directors, accompanies that request.

This same Tuesday, in various parts of the province, sit-ins and demonstrations in schools continued. Students, fathers, mothers and teachers again demonstrated with various methods to claim against the reform. This White Sea it is part of the struggle of a people that has been facing this repudiated reform.

At the same time, roadblocks continue in at least 10 points in the province. This Tuesday afternoon, in Perico, there was a day of enormous importance for the political fight against the reform that is being carried out in the province. In an offensive maneuver, Hundreds of people reoccupied Route 66 for many hours. They challenged and defeated the police threat. In doing so, they showed the enormous will to fight of broad sectors of the population. This Monday, mounting a huge repressive operation, the Morales government had evicted the route. Less than 24 hours later, it was recovered with the action of the teachers, the community, the gauchos, the entire town. A small great triumph of enormous importance.

is posing deepen the fight to overthrow the reform of Morales and Peronism. Every day, in every corner of Jujuy, it is shown that there are forces to carry this fight forward. But you have to unify it, unite it.

Union and social organizations have an enormous responsibility. The reform can be defeated in the streets. The strength to do it is there. The willingness to fight of thousands and thousands of Jujeños and Jujeños as well. Precisely for this reason, the PTS-Left Front has been proposing the need to promote a Provincial Assembly of workers, where the unions, their bases, the native communities, social and student organizations participatean effective space of coordination where common measures can be voted on y unite the people in a single fight. It is necessary to move forward on this path, which is the only way to continue strengthening the prospect of defeating the reform.

From such an instance you can contribute to develop more widely all the strength that the people of Jujuy have been demonstrating. That force that is seen in the cuts throughout the province. What was seen this Tuesday in Perico, resuming the route. That is seen in the unemployment of primary teaching, which is maintained despite the maneuvers of Adep’s leadership. What is seen in the communities that defend water and territory. A cry continues to resound in thousands of throats: Up with wages, up with rights, down with the reform!”


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