The leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has suggested to the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, that he seek an international mediator between the PSOE and his party to close an agreement and renew the General Council of the Judiciary, which the right has blocked for five years. . “Feijóo has offered Sánchez to agree that the European Commission supervise the negotiations and the agreement to renew the CGPJ with independent profiles and change the law that regulates the system of election of the members of the governing body of judges,” points out the PP in a statement sent to the media at the end of the meeting that both held in Congress. Moncloa has not yet reported on this matter.

Feijóo thus proposes that an international body, which has already been protecting the attempt to unblock the governing body of the judges for years, gets a little more involved and sits at the same table as the PP and PSOE negotiators to close an agreement. . The objective of the PP is “to ensure that all the conditions required by the EU are met.” The Commissioner for Justice, Didier Reynders, has urged the main parties on different occasions to close the renewal of the CGPJ now and, later, modify the law to agree on another system that deepens the independence of the body.

“Both the PP and the Government are already regularly holding separate meetings with the responsible commissioners to address this issue. It would therefore be a matter of these meetings continuing to be held but with the three parties present,” they point out from the PP.

This same Wednesday, Feijóo told Sánchez in the Congress gallery about this Friday’s meeting: “You have said wherever you want, however you want and whenever you want. Very good. Without mediator. Is it okay for you to meet with me without a mediator, Mr. Sánchez?”

The PP justifies the proposal in that “the European Commission is a Spanish institution, given that the EU is the repository of national sovereignty.” “The proposed work system would involve meetings of three in Spain, and the presence in them of community public authorities with an incontrovertible profile,” points out the PP, which does not propose any name.

The appointment lasted just under two hours. Both have reached this third meeting after 15 days of tug-of-war over the agenda and the date that they could only resolve live on Wednesday during the debate on the EU presidency that has fallen to Spain this semester. . Sánchez has given Feijóo “a copy of ‘Volver a donde’, a personal and intimate diary of the pandemic written by Antonio Muñoz Molina as a result of confinement”, as reported by Moncloa.

The three points that Sánchez wanted to address during the meeting are the renewal of the General Council of the Judiciary, the reform of article 49 of the Constitution to remove the word “diminished” from the text and address the modification of regional financing. Feijóo added another seven points that deal with the amnesty law, the PSOE agreements with the pro-independence parties and the motion of censure in Pamplona agreed with EH Bildu.

The only viable agreement a priori is for the reform of article 49 of the Constitution. PSOE and PP had already advanced an agreement in this regard when Sánchez announced the electoral advance after the municipal elections in May. The problem for this pact is that the PP wants a written commitment from the rest of the parliamentary groups so that a referendum on the reform is not called and so that the other parties do not propose amendments on other issues.

Last Wednesday the meeting took up a good part of the parliamentary debate on Europe. “I don’t think anyone could understand that the head of the opposition refused to dialogue and reach an understanding with the person who holds the Presidency of the Government,” Sánchez told him in the chamber after conveying to him “the will of the Government of Spain to reach State agreements.” and ironically with Feijóo’s refusal to go to Moncloa. “I don’t give up on you coming to Moncloa in the future and I can receive you,” he said.

In the PP, they see any movement as an option to strengthen Feijóo as leader of the opposition. This Wednesday, his collaborators boasted of having made Sánchez “take the bait”, whom they have forced, according to this thesis, to assume an imposed agenda and meet outside the Moncloa, where the host is the president and who goes to the date is the guest.

“We have seen him promise loyalty, respect, and affection to the Crown and yesterday he voted yes to legalizing insults to the Crown,” he continued. “We have seen him hand over the mayorship of Pamplona to Bildu after boasting at his investiture that it was UPN that governed,” he added. Feijóo concluded: “It is impossible to have less respect for truth, principles and the word.”


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