Laura Vilches, PTS-FITU councilor who was present at the cacerolazo and at the rally at Tribunales II to demand the release of the detainees, declared: “What happened in Córdoba is very serious. Nowhere in the country were there repressive acts in the cacerolazos that arose spontaneously as a rejection of Milei’s mega DNU, which aims to end countless rights with a single signature. The cacerolazo in Córdoba was a very important action: more than 5 thousand people gathered spontaneously. Among them were elderly people, families “, young people, neighbors, teachers, workers from different sectors, university students demonstrating in a completely peaceful manner shouting ‘The streets belong to the people’, ‘unity of the workers’ and calling for a ‘general strike’.”

In addition, he indicated that “any Cordoban knows that Patio Olmos is a common concentration point for massive celebrations that obstruct the avenue for a few hours. If this time the Police repressed it is because there is a clear political will on the part of Llaryora to align itself with the national government, reinforcing authoritarianism to apply the adjustment.”

Regarding the detainees, he noted: “Five young people are still detained, including our colleague Juan Celli, architect and Geography student; in addition to Santiago Cabral, a History student at UNC, Rodrigo Savoretti, Agustín Savoretti, from the independent media Le Enfant Terrible and the audiovisual producer Maximiliano Ciambrella. For hours we have been trying to speed up the time for his release and we denounce that the accusation is based on art. 194 of the Penal Code established in the Onganía dictatorship to avoid any concentration. “A subjugation of all democratic freedom that seeks to attack the right to protest.”

Regarding the statements of prosecutor Aragón, he pointed out that “taking responsibility implies an acceptance that they judicialize and criminalize social protest, every decision of repression is political. Behind it, is the economic plan that Milei promotes with a labor reform by decree that “Tries to go back on historical rights, more inflation and attack on parity and salary agreements here in Córdoba as we see with the state and teachers.”

Finally he added: “They are not going to silence us, on December 20 we went out to defend the right to protest, we managed to mobilize throughout the country. Despite the repressive measures and brutal threats from Bullrich, Milei and Espert, who attacked Myriam Bregman and Nicolás del Caño asking for ‘jail or bullet’, during the night thousands expressed themselves in front of Congress against Milei’s DNU. The same yesterday. The appropriate response is an active national strike to defeat Milei’s plan, which is against all working people.”


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