This Friday the resignation of Ezio Emiliozzi, director of the Institute of Electoral Management (IGE), in charge of the implementation of the Single Electronic Ballot (BUE) in the elections of the City of Buenos Aires to be held in one month, was announced. He claimed health problems, but this resignation does not remove the crisis, which means that a month before the elections, the people of Buenos Aires do not know what the BUE will be like, in addition to there being no responses to the innumerable complaints of irregularities in the computer system to be used.

Patricio del Corro, candidate for national deputy of CABA for the PTS in the Left Front, denounced this scandal in his networks and returned with the irregularities and legal complaints made together with his fellow Buenos Aires national deputy Myriam Bregman and Buenos Aires legislator Alejandrina Barry.

Only the media siege that Horacio Rodríguez Larreta has allows the Buenos Aires elections and the electronic voting system not to be a scandal of undemocratic dimensions. This resignation falls a month before the elections and even the people of Buenos Aires do not know how they will vote, if their vote will really be secret and if the unfolding with the Buenos Aires elections will not leave many people from Buenos Aires without time to cast their vote.

Let us remember that the splitting of the elections in two ballot boxes and with two different systems had the objective of favoring Martín Lousteau in the inmate of Together for Change in the City. “Emiliozzi, former director of the Electoral Institute, had been in office by decree for years when he had to be voted for by the Legislature within a period of 6 months. Is he resigning right now? And what about the auditors who should have been impartial and were PRO contributors? declared Patricio del Corro, taking up the amparo that he presented in court for the bias that the person in charge of auditing the electronic system was a contributor to the PRO campaigna clear interference in the impartiality that the Electoral Management Institute should exercise.

These, at least, irregularities in the entire electoral process in the City of Buenos Aires is now in crisis due to the resignation of the director of the IGE. The deadlines expire and the authorities of the different parties that appeared in the City still do not have access to how their ballot will be presented on the computers, printers of the Single Electronic Ballot.

To all this we must add the irregularities and unresolved complaints by those who had access to the limited audit of the electronic voting system of the MSA company in charge of the election. They range from not having access to being able to see the source of the system and being able to check if the system is vulnerable, the secret vote is maintained and if the vote count is reliable. Let’s remember that this company was in charge of the elections in 2015, when even the Buenos Aires justice itself recognized that the system was hacked. A scandalous vulnerability of the right to universal and secret suffrage of the porteños.

The amparo presented by the PTS on the Left Front was added to the amparo presented by the organization Fundación Vía Libre. It aims “The Foundation does not request the suspension of the electoral act, but rather the use of the computer system, for which it requests that the paper-based voting methodology be restored as it was done in the last elections until it is guaranteed that the contracted technology does not present risks for the exercise of the political rights of citizens, the transparency of the process, the security of information, the integrity of the vote and the secrecy of the vote are guaranteed….

In the next few days, the Buenos Aires government and in particular Federico Fahey Duarte, the new director of the Electoral Management Institute, will have to give many answers to this scandal, less than a month before the people of Buenos Aires have to vote for their representatives in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. Aires.


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