The president-elect of Paraguay, Santiago Peña. Photo: Fabian Hamacher/Reuters

Santiago Peña, president-elect of Paraguay who will take office in a month, said in an interview this Saturday (15) that he would like Brazil to open archives on the Paraguayan War and return military equipment that would be in Brazilian museums today.

He stated that he does not want to “rewrite history”, but that he would like to have a conversation in this regard with President Lula. “I don’t have hard feelings, hate or anger, but I think it would be good. I would love to have this kind of conversation with President Lula, but in a positive way, not with a complaint”, said Peña.

Painting “A Batalha do Avaí”, by Pedro Américo, which depicts one of the bloodiest clashes of the Paraguayan War, on December 11, 1868.

The military conflict, considered the greatest in the history of Latin America, took place from 1864 to 1870 and opposed the Triple Alliance of Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay to Paraguay. The president-elect of the neighboring country argues that it would be good not only for Paraguay, but for Brazil to understand what happened.

Peña is 44 years old, is an economist, and before being elected president, he was finance minister and professor at the Catholic University of Asunción. He is affiliated with the Colorado Party, a right-wing party, and will take office on August 15.

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