The prosecutor’s request is striking, not only because of the absurd number of days that are requested, but because they precisely coincide with the times of the electoral campaign where Governor Morales will be a part.

We also denounce that this practice was implemented in the “Humahuaca” case, on July 13, in which the judge ordered preventive detention for 30 days to 3 people, accused of the unusual crime of “sedition”, who are currently detained in the Alto Comedero prison.

The 40-day request is based on the insane “theory” of the prosecution that accuses them all of being co-authors of all the facts, from the legislature on June 20. There, as we know, there was a fire in an office of the Legislature. No documentation was presented of this fact, the Lieutenant Governor himself said that “there was no significant damage.” The prosecution’s accusation is extravagant and conspiratorial in pointing out that all the defendants were part of a common plan where each one fulfilled a predetermined role so that there was fire in the Legislature and thus impute everyone for the crime more serious, even if they have not been in the place.

In addition to this, he stated that the Preventive Prison should be given since for him the accused would be “leaders” of the protests that are taking place today in Jujuy and that if they achieved their freedom they would continue with their “action”. More absurd and reactionary impossible. First, the so-called “author’s crime” does not exist in Argentina. This means that no one can be judged by what he could do, but rather by events that have occurred or not. On the other hand, a conspiracy theory, since the protests are of thousands and thousands of people throughout the Province, is a legal and legitimate popular mobilization that has deep roots in the popular rejection of the Morales Reform and the PJ, and therefore no one can think that such a mobilization that includes union strikes, mobilizations and cuts, is instigated by the detainees or that it depends on them.

The judge for his part moved the hearing to an intermediate room until Monday. This resolution is not in accordance with the Legislation that states that the decision on requests for release or preventive detention is made immediately.

On Monday there will then be a new hearing where we will once again request, together with all the defense lawyers, the immediate release of all the detainees.

It goes without saying that the police officers who made illegal arrests, used unlicensed trucks that day and hurled stones at the protesters with slingshots, fired rubber bullets at the protesters’ heads, causing the loss of an eye, were not charged despite the evidence that They exist and are public.

We attach a video with these events of June 20 and also of repression in Purmamarca.


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