This Tuesday at 11:34 Marc Stanleythe ambassador of USA in Argentinaspread by Twitter a photo in which he is seen together with Juan Grabois y Paula Abal Medinapre-candidates for president and vice president Union for the Fatherland. Next to the image, in a text Stanley he thanks them both for the “interesting conversation.”

Almost half an hour later, alerted by his militants, Grabois published his own tweet, without a photo or video. There he seeks to clarify the reasons for the meeting.

“On July 6, we received an invitation from Marc Stanley to go to the United States Embassy. I responded with a public letter where we established the conditions of the same, among which was that the meeting was held in our office and its content was not confidential”, the text of Grabois.

It seems that Stanley did not object to the counterinvitation and went to visit the friend of the pope, which for Grabois it is “a small sample button of how national dignity is defended and we leave the ‘backyard’ complex”. A little exaggerated, especially knowing that Stanley has already attended events and meetings many times in various parts of the country, outside of the Embassy.

Then Grabois he launched into a rant of his own from his campaign speech. “The geniuses of the international lobby, with all their contacts and permanent good news, are neither geniuses nor good negotiators, nor do they defend the national interest. What they seek is to be friends with power and end up being lapdogs. Rome does not pay traitors, Washington does not pay dragged. To establish equal ties, you have to be respected, banish any vocation of colony in the leadership and get out of the inferiority complex as Argentines”.

He was clearly referring, without naming him, to his rival in the Peronist internal Sergio Massa. The Minister of Economy and presidential candidate (supported by Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner y Alberto Fernandez) always boasted of his good American “contacts” and is a regular visitor to the Embassy. How crazy is that the own Graboiswhen you lose the internal with Massawill call to vote for him in the general elections, to “confront the right.”

If the above is true, the words of Grabois referring to the fact that “we are a marvelous country with multiple capacities to recover the future” and that “a multipolar world is possible if we do not admit any form of colonialism from any power”, are nothing more than progressive coverage to a policy far from popular interests.

In his account of the meeting with Stanley, Grabois He seems to be wanting to create the illusion that he “imposed” the meeting place on the ambassador, avoiding a more than symbolic photo at the Embassy. But on the side of Stanley they think differently. The place of the meeting does not matter if the photo is going to show us conversing kindly.

do you really think Grabois that through words and gestures it will be possible to condition USA and their local allies like Massa? Do you think you will achieve it without deploying the social force of the working people? So far, it doesn’t seem to have fared so well for the “master of negotiation”. As a Peronist social leader, in the time of MacriHe got along very well with the ex-minister Carolina Stanley. And already being an official, the only thing he “negotiated” in the last year was a bond for the indigent at the end of 2022.

Despite his speeches, Grabois and his supporters did not even set out to stop the cut in social items promoted by Massa y Victoria Toulouse Peace at the request of FMI. His deputies voted for the Adjustment Budget and enabled (rising from their seats in the committee and leaving the place to other deputies) the opinion of the agreement with the Bottom. All this while the most precarious sectors of the working class, who are supposedly Grabois want to represent, they continue to fall into their purchasing power at the expense of more inflation and less income.


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