Days before, the candidate for governor Guillermo Snopek, of the so-called “dissident Peronism”, was challenged. In his case, the request originated from the official PJ. Unlike Demarco, Snopek will be able to maintain his candidacy for Constituent.

Although in both challenges there are formal reasons to make them, in essence it is a settling of scores by an electoral Justice headed by a judge with direct ties to the UCR of Gerardo Morales.

Let us remember that the requests for challenge were made by appealing to Art. 127 of the Provincial Constitution that prohibits the presentation of candidates for governor who maintain a degree of affiliation up to a fourth degree of affinity with the first acting president (Snopek is brother-in-law of Morales). . And in the case of Demarco, he was removed from his position as Mayor and disqualified for 10 years from holding public office by the Deliberative Council of Perico, based on a complaint for appropriation of public land -annexed to his home- and the delivery of other land to a municipal employee.

Snopek’s case is scandalous since being “his brother-in-law” he is running for a party that claims to be in opposition and Morales has his own candidate. With Snopek’s candidacy, there would be no continuity of the Morales government as he tries to avoid the Constitution. In the case of Demarco, he is accused of corruption and was dismissed by the Perico Council, but he does not have a final conviction in Justice, which is what is legally required, at least, to request the challenge of him as a candidate for provincial level.

However, the ruling of the electoral court shows the political decision of a regime that does not admit any type of dissent. In these cases, even sectors that are part of the traditional political forces and even more so parties like libertarians, criticize him for the right.

Apart from the settling of scores between the traditional forces and their wayward wings, the bottom line is that they are trying to strengthen in this way a regime whose heads are Morales himself and the UCR, and Rivarola’s PJ. They order the political scene to their liking. Today happens against Snopek and Demarco. It doesn’t take much imagination to think with the viciousness that they can do against those who really oppose this police regime and how justice can be enabled to be used against those who fight against the adjustment plans of radicals and Peronists. This is not a matter of the future. Already in 2017, in Libertador General San Martin, the radicals attempted a fraud against the Left Front that had prevailed in the council elections, an issue that was only avoided by a popular mobilization. Gastón Remy, elected provincial deputy, was prevented from taking office by unanimous vote of Rivarola’s Peronists and Morales’ radicals.

Hence, the fight against the opposition parties, even those that do it on the right, such as libertarians, is a task for workers, women and youth. Allowing it to the State is nothing more than digging our own grave, strengthening the toughest tool that businessmen have to use sooner rather than later, against those who really confront them.

In this sense, the reform of the Constitution called by Morales, seeks to give a constitutional rank to all this anti-democratic regime that prides itself on “maintaining order” based on persecuting those who protest. Now they will try to include the prohibition of roadblocks in the Constitution, limit the right of defense in case of fines for violations (which are issued in bulk at each march and cannot be appealed). Morales could not impose his reelection maneuver, but he wants to leave his inheritance with a reactionary Constituent Assembly. Hence our opposition and the unitary call to the union and social organizations that oppose this Constituent to fight together to defeat it.

From the PTS-FIT we are aware that the left has been established as a channel of expression of anger against this regime of the powerful. Towards the elections on May 7 we have a great challenge to strengthen the left as a political force capable of consciously organizing hundreds of workers, women and youth to give more strength to their fights against the adjustment and a fundamental exit to favor of the majority. Along this path, we warn that this regime is going to try all kinds of fraudulent maneuvers as it always does and, for this, it already has the electoral floor of 5%. They want there to be no opposition in the Legislature and the councils. The support that is seen on the street and in every place of work and study on the left will try to be mocked by this undemocratic regime. It is vital against this that we achieve the largest network of prosecutors in each school in the province, workers, students and organizations that oppose this fraudulent regime. Defending the vote for the FIT is a self-defense measure. We summon you to this challenge because our ideas are the only ones that can achieve the broadest and most democratic organization that will blow up a rotten regime of politicians at the service of the owners of Jujuy.


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