This Wednesday, the subway workers carry out new measures of force. They demand the desabestización and the reduction of the working day. For this reason, the 6 Subte lines and the Premetro remained paralyzed between 10 am and 1 pm. Earlier, they released the turnstiles at the headwaters.

This elementary measure in defense of their health but also of public health, is part of a claim felt by all the workers of the Subway. Three workers have already died, there are more than 80 patients and hundreds are being studied. However, the company and the City Government attack the claim. On the one hand, they lie about the dangers of pollution and their responsibilities. On the other, they attack the elementary right to exercise the right to strike those affected.

In this case it was Patricia Bullrich who attacked the protest. “We need law and order, enough of being hostages to those who believe they own the street and everyone’s work. With me, this is over ”she tweeted, reproducing a note about unemployment. It must be said that it is also a message for Larreta, her opponent in the Juntos por el Cambio internship. The repression of Gerardo Morales, Larreta’s vice, in Jujuy, forces “Pato” to be even more attractive. It is an increasingly reactionary speed race in which Peronism also plays its role: Sergio Massa, a longtime friend of Gerardo Morales, still maintains his silence regarding the repression in Jujuy, despite the arbitrariness and arrests that have been taking place for a month. Fachos like Sergio Berni are also on the Peronist ballot in the province of Buenos Aires.

The referent of the left in the Subte, Claudio Dellecarbonara, responded to the candidate.


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