The tire companies attack their workers again: dismissals, squeezes and persecutions. Arbitrary and persecutory dismissals took place on April 28 and 29, in addition to those that have been carried out since the end of last year. There are already about 40 dismissed colleagues.

The most serious thing is that this attack is in response to a series of demands that the union has been carrying out: that labor standards and conditions be respected. The National Ministry of Labor, the Provincial Ministry of Labor and the Superintendency of Occupational Hazards have raised the need for the company to modify the poor working conditions. For example, that you must work 15 minutes and rest 45 for each hour, due to the thermal load.

Faced with the union’s claim to comply with these provisions, Bridgestone responds with dismissals. And what does the government do? Instead of acting so that the company complies with the provisions of its own organizations and annulled the dismissals, it allows the employers to act and even allows the importation of covers, an issue that the company uses to reduce the effect of the strike.

Any similarity with the actions of the State in the 2022 conflict is “pure coincidence”.

SUTNA called for a series of actions that are being carried out at the Lavallol plant. They assure that “we have started with actions in Bridgestone and we will carry out union actions of all kinds and in the entire union to modify such an attitude of the company and also of the government.”

Also taking place this Wednesday, from 10 am, assemblies at FATE and Pirelli.

From the Agrupación Granate del Neumático, a member of the Movement of Classist Groups, they have been repudiating this attack and supporting the conflict. Together with the Red List, which is also part of the combative sectors of SUTNA, they issued a joint declaration entitled: REINCORPORATE ALL THE DISMISSED IN BRIDGESTONE NOW!

There they denounce the dismissals and support the measures called, although they state that in the face of such an attack there must be a more forceful response. “In the face of this situation, the tire union needs to respond together. The first step should be for SUTNA to call assemblies in the other factories – FATE and Pirelli – to put the rest of the union in a situation of the fight that the Bridgestone workers are giving. The second step is to vote actions throughout the guild to accompany the fight for the reinstatement of the companions. This should be the prelude to voting on a fight plan to stop the layoffs at Bridgestone and the reinstatement of colleagues. This must be accompanied by the promotion of a fighting fund so that the dismissed remain firm and united in the fight, covering the material needs of their families.

From La Izquierda Diario we will continue reflecting the development of this conflict. We must support the tire workers against this “revenge” of the bosses for their historic struggle, an attempt to also send a message to the rest of the working class.


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